Top 25 Spring Activities for Couples

The weather is warmer, the sun is often shining, and many of us are itching to play hooky from work for a day to simply enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer this time of year. Whether you want to enjoy some special time during the week or have a weekend set aside, consider these fun and exciting spring activities for couples to keep that spark alive in your relationship.

Before you set off to enjoy your springtime date or group activity, first consider your budget and the distance you are willing to drive. You may want to plan a couple of springtime activities for couples besides yourself and your significant other, sort of like a group date, and then plan a few romantic activities for just you and your sweetheart. Check out these suggestions for spring activities for couples to enjoy this year.

•    Boating
•    Fishing
•    Hiking
•    Biking
•    Picnicking
•    Charity dog walks
•    Wine tasting
•    Brewery tours
•    Outdoor music
•    Visiting nature preserves, flower conservatories, etc.
•    Craft workshops like glassblowing or pottery
•    Laser tag
•    Paintball
•    Drive-in movies
•    Rock climbing
•    Canoeing
•    Kayaking
•    Go on a photography walk
•    Make your own Sangria
•    Build a garden together
•    Create a birdhouse or bird feeder together
•    Rollerblading
•    Running a 5K race together
•    Visiting a museum or area attraction
•    Enjoying a spa treatment together

If you decide to try any spring activities with a group of your coupled friends, you might be able to add some fun springtime double date ideas, like playing a team sport together such as soccer or volleyball. What other suggestions do you have for fun springtime activities for couples? Please share your favorites in our comments below.


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