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Bridal Laundry Gift Ideas and Laundry Themed Gift Baskets

Bridal showers invite all kinds of cute, elegant, and luxurious gifts from guests attending in honor of the bride and groom. With an open mind you can find dozens of creative bridal shower gifts for the happy couple, from home items to electronics, gift cards, and so much more. A popular trend in bridal shower gifts is putting numerous similar gifts together into themed gift baskets, like a cooking or baking gift basket, a wine themed gift basket, or even a laundry themed gift basket. This article focuses on various bridal laundry gift ideas for the bride-to-be.

Consider these fun and festive bridal laundry themed gift ideas for the next bridal shower you attend:

Laundry Themed Gift Basket
A laundry themed gift basket can be the perfect bridal shower gift. It may not be a widely popular gift, so you may be the only person offering this present, which makes it a unique and exciting gift. Choose a high quality laundry basket and add a ribbon and bow in the colors of the wedding. Fill your laundry gift basket with laundry detergent, fabric softener, cute clothespins, mesh bags for washing bras and intimates, and other laundry accessories. Consider adding a stain kit or create your own with little index cards offering tips and instructions – baby powder to remove oil and grease, hairspray to remove ink, and dish soap to remove spaghetti sauce.

Monogrammed Towels, Blankets, or Sheets in a Wicker Laundry Basket
While it may not be a total laundry themed bridal shower gift, a nice set of monogrammed towels, sheets, or blankets can be a luxurious present that the bride and groom will love forever. A nice dark wicker laundry basket lined with canvas or another fabric adds an elegant touch to your thoughtful and personalized gift.

Laundry Basket Containing Various Cleaning Supplies
Sometimes bridal showers may ask guests to bring one cleaning supply or solution to add to a laundry basket to give the bride and groom a jump start on what they will need to spruce up their new home together. If your next bridal shower doesn’t request something like this, you may enjoy making up your own laundry basket of cleaning supplies – a feather duster, rags, cleaning products, and whatever else you can find that makes a nice addition to this themed laundry basket.

Towel Warmer Device
Again, this may be another stretch in the laundry gift ideas department, but a towel warmer can be a luxurious gift for a newlywed couple. Just like visiting a spa every day, the bride and groom can enjoy fresh and warm towels for every shower if they like. Be sure to include a gift receipt in case they don’t have the space for the gift in their bathroom.

High-End Clothing Drying Rack
A nice drying rack can be a fine addition to a home’s laundry area. Instead of the flimsy aluminum or lightweight wood drying racks, consider something sturdier with a nicer look. You should also get a gift receipt for this item in case the bride and groom already have their drying rack and laundry drying plans in place.

These are just a few bridal laundry gift ideas to consider. Remember, you might find quite a few items on the bridal registry to include in your laundry themed gift baskets. What other ideas do you have for laundry themed gifts? Please share them in our comments below.


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