Men’s Hockey Party Ideas for Playoff Hockey, Stanley Cup Finals, and More

The hockey playoffs are underway and teams are battling it out to see who advances and who goes home. Fans across the country are finding their own creative ways to enjoy the games, from scoring tickets to attend, tailgating, and hosting hockey parties at home or with friends. Consider these men’s hockey party ideas as a fun way to watch your favorite team vie for the most coveted trophy in hockey.

Before you get too far in planning, try to determine the location for your men’s hockey party. Consider hosting a hockey party at your home, in your man cave, or at a friend’s house. You can also have a tailgating party or gather at a party venue for a large scale event. For the purposes of this article, these tips will pertain mainly to a hockey party at someone’s home.

Men’s Hockey Party Ideas
Hosting a men’s hockey party can be a great time no matter if it’s a weeknight or a weekend. Here are some suggestions on how to host an awesome men’s hockey party at your home.

Simple and Easy Hockey Party Tips
•    Keep things simple by ordering takeout food or getting delivery. You can have your guys’ hockey party catered with your favorite foods and snacks – wings, nachos, pizza, and more.
•    Put out a few bags of your favorite snacks – chips, pretzels, Doritos, and whatever else you like.
•    Don’t forget the beer!

No Holds Barred Hockey Party
•    Fire up the grill and make some yummy (non-burnt) ‘hockey pucks’ with buns and all the fixins’ for your guests.
•    Order a key of your favorite beer in advance.
•    During intermissions, partake in some fun games to pass the time – beer pong, flip cup, or poker.
•    If your guests are staying over or have designated drivers, do a shot of your favorite spirit every time your team scores.

Of course, these men’s hockey party ideas can also work nicely for a mixed group of couples or guys and girls. Many women and children love hockey as well, so be sure to plan your party to include all the guests you would like to share in these exciting times.

What other ideas do you have for a men’s hockey party? Be sure to share your suggestions in our comments below. You can also add your favorite hockey team or which team you’re cheering on in the playoffs!


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