What to Do – Baby Bottle Sterilizers and Other Options

With a little one on the way so many questions are swirling through my head. I recently asked some friends on Facebook what to do about the whole baby bottle sterilizer debacle. If you go on Amazon or Google and search for sterilizers, so many brands and styles are available that it becomes overwhelming to choose one that is right for your growing family. It also becomes difficult when thinking about different baby bottles – some are taller than others and the sterilizer information isn’t always clear about how tall the bottles can be.

I have seen both electric bottle sterilizers and microwave sterilizers for sale at all the major baby stores and other online retailers. It is hard to know which is better. When I asked my friends what they use and like, I got a wide variety of answers, so I have a feeling this is going to be a very personal decision based on our own preferences and what we’ve read and seen from others. I’m very grateful for the responses but I am still quite undecided on what I should do for our little one.

Here are the responses I got from friends when trying to figure out what to do about a baby bottle sterilizer:

•    Microwave Sterilizers – These sound convenient, affordable, and quick. I am tempted. The main thing I can’t get past is – aren’t you not supposed to put plastic in the microwave most times? Thoughts here are much appreciated!

•    Boiling Bottles in Hot Water – This makes sense. I think my mom used to do this sometimes, too. Although, I tend to keep myself busy and when I’m not overly busy, I get lazy. So, this one might be out. Also, what happens if you boil the plastic bottles?

•    Running Bottles through the Dishwasher – Again, what is the deal with plastic in the dishwasher – we usually don’t run our plastic items through, just plates, silverware, and glasses. I know you can, but is it safe and do the bottles break down sooner? Also, our dishwasher isn’t that great and it sometimes leaves a soapy residue, so that alone turns me away from this option….

•    Hot Soapy Water (after sterilizing once in boiling water) – This sounds right up my alley – just like washing dishes at home. I do like this idea but I just wonder about the initial sterilizing process.

I have been considering an electric sterilizer but didn’t know which brand to get or if it would fit the variety of bottle sizes we have. I may still consider it. I like the idea of an electric or microwave sterilizer, since they both can sterilize bottles in minutes instead of an hour and a half or whatever our dishwasher needs to run through the whole process.

So I guess I am back to where I started – do I get a bottle sterilizer or don’t I? If anyone can make a recommendation, I would be glad to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment with your own thoughts and experiences on baby bottle sterilizers! I’ll be glad to update this article with additional feedback as it comes through.


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