Fun and Romantic Mother’s Day Date Ideas

Mother’s Day is usually a day spent with immediate family and especially the maternal figures in your life. Often it is our own mom and mother-in-law, but sometimes even our grandmothers, around whom the day revolves. As we come into our own and start our own families with our husbands, it sometimes makes sense that we have a Mother’s Day here and there all to ourselves. If you are lucky enough to have a special Mother’s Day with your husband, make the most of it and enjoy a fun and romantic Mother’s Day date rather than just sitting at home. Here are a few suggestions for sweet Mother’s Day dates to enjoy.

Find that reliable babysitter (better not ask mom or mother-in-law this time) and get your dinner reservation in early so you can ensure a smooth evening of relaxation. Here are some Mother’s Day date ideas to consider for a nice evening with your sweetheart:

Dinner and a Movie
Perhaps the most classic of all date ideas, a nice dinner and a movie date would be a great Mother’s Day date idea for a mom and dad of any age. Consider a romantic dinner followed by a romance comedy or check your local area to see if you have a Movie Tavern or similar establishment within driving distance.

Drive-in Movies
Try a nice throwback date idea for a romantic drive-in movie date. If you have a drive-in movies location near you, look into spending the evening old school, viewing the movie from the car, enjoying snacks or a meal and drinks, and a little smooching.

Miniature Golf and Ice Cream
This kind of Mother’s Day date idea never gets old. What mom wouldn’t enjoy some ice cream or Italian water ice on her special day, along with a nice evening of miniature golf (or even Chip ‘n Putt)? Also look into getting a nice picture of the two of you at the mini golf course or at the ice cream parlor.

Concert, Comedy Club, or Show
Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a fun comedy club or a venue to see a live show. You might also look for somewhere you can enjoy some live music, whether it is a bar with a live band or a rock concert, or even the symphony orchestra – how romantic!

Overnight at a Romantic Resort
If you have an overnight sitter that you trust as well as the means to enjoy this sort of Mother’s Day date, consider spending one night at a nice resort or a bed and breakfast venue in your area. You can escape from the kids for the night and enjoy breakfast and a few hours to yourself the next day. Be sure to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries or another decadent dessert!

These may be some of the most common date ideas around, but as a mother, you can likely appreciate any excuse to enjoy a nice evening with your loving husband. Consider choosing one of these ideas, or if you have another suggestion or favorite Mother’s Day date memory, please share it in our comments below.


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