Bachelorette Weekend Camping Ideas

One last hurrah with the girls is a great way to close one chapter of life and usher in the start of the next. A bachelorette party is the perfect way for a bride to celebrate with her closest girlfriends before her wedding day arrives. The bridal party often plans a bachelorette party at a bar or similar venue, sometimes a winery or at a beach house or vacation retreat. A bachelorette weekend camping trip is another great way to celebrate with the girls. You can go rustic and camp out in a big tent with all the girls or rent an RV or cabin for a little bit of upscale camping fun. Here are some bachelorette weekend camping ideas to consider for the next bride to be with a sense of adventure.

These bachelorette camping ideas should give you a starting point in planning an exciting and adventurous girls’ weekend getaway in the great outdoors. Get together your favorite females and prepare for some fun and excitement away from home.

•    Decide if you want to go rugged or luxurious. Get a campsite with a fire ring or an RV or rustic cabin where you all have a bed or bunk instead of a sleeping bag.

•    Regardless of where you camp out, be sure to bring some supplies to make s’mores and other delicious campfire desserts.

•    Ask each girl to bring a recipe and ingredients for campfire cooking and a tasty alcoholic beverage to go with it. (Cocktails may be better, but beer is allowed!)

•    Plan some fun activities for your group of girls to enjoy – boating, fishing, hiking, exploring, kayaking, spelunking, or even something like paintball or a water balloon battle.

•    Have a scavenger hunt or play another outdoor game where you’re camping.

•    Bring lawn games like horseshoes, quoits, ladder ball, or even a volleyball and net to enjoy some fun competition with your ladies.

•    Bring a boom box or an iPod with good speakers so your group can enjoy some music and dancing if you like.

•    Don’t forget a camera and maybe a video camera like Flip Video (which can also be a great gift for the bride-to-be). You are going to make some amazing memories you’ll want to document… or maybe not!

These are some basic ideas to get your bachelorette camping weekend off to a great start. Please feel free to share any other ideas you have for camping with the girls in our comments below.


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