7 Memorial Weekend Party Themes

Memorial Day weekend always sneaks up when time starts flying by faster and faster as the weather keeps getting nicer. If you are going to have a barbecue or outdoor party for Memorial Day, consider choosing from a few fun Memorial weekend party themes to give your event a special twist. You can keep your party casual or spice things up a bit, depending on your preferences. Consider these suggestions for Memorial weekend party themes you can use for your next Memorial Day gathering.

As a special precaution, keep in mind that Mother Nature can be a bit unpredictable, so it may pay off to have a backup plan for moving your party indoors if needed. You can consider an outdoor party tent or simply move your party inside the house if it looks like the weather may not cooperate. Regardless of the weather, here are some fun Memorial weekend party themes to consider.

•    Hawaiian Luau Party – pretty colors, hibiscus flowers on the deck, tropical drinks with little paper umbrellas, and food like pineapple chicken kabobs, rice, ham, and shrimp…

•    Memorial Day Potluck – Ask each of your guests to bring a covered dish, dessert, or snack. Once you know what people are bringing, you can fill in the gaps or simply make your favorite dishes.

•    Red, White, and Blue Party – Try to have as much food in red, white, and blue as possible, with at least a flag cake, and make a selection of red, white, and blue cocktails. Don’t forget to decorate in these patriotic colors, too!

•    Pool Party – If the pool is open, invite your guests over for a dip. Serve up some burgers and hotdogs, grilled chicken, and beer, as well as fruit salad, side salads, and ice pops.

•    Reggae Party – If money is no object, hire a reggae band to play at your party and decorate with reggae themed decorations. You can get away with beer and barbecue food or whatever you’d like to do, with the main focus on the music. As an alternative, make up a reggae playlist you can play on an iPod or stereo system.

•    Beach Party – Choose a few savory seafood items, decorate with some shells and beachy decorations, and play some fun tunes like the Beach Boys and anything with a steel drum band.

•    Basic Barbecue – Sometimes something simple is the easiest to plan, especially for a bigger group. If you are hosting a Memorial weekend party for many guests, consider keeping it a basic barbecue party with burgers, hotdogs, and all the usual sides, plus a few desserts and some beer and wine.

Your Memorial Day or Memorial weekend party can take on any theme you’d like – these are just a few examples of what might be nice for a warm weather party in late May. You can use these warm weather party themes as inspiration to help you find a theme that would be perfect for a Memorial weekend gathering of friends and family.


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