Blast from the Past – Retro Bathing Suits and Swimwear Styles

Watch out James Bond girls, retro bathing suits are coming back this summer, along with monokinis and bandeau bikinis. These throwback trends aren’t going away any time soon since they’re now being contested as classics to the hottest swimwear fashion. Besides, you can’t really argue with a woman in a bikini, just ask James Bond – he’s had ton of experience.

Originally developed during the 60s, the first bikinis were considered too risqué for the American audiences, but were a smash hit with the French. Since then, the original bikini design hit it off, and would even be accepted by the then ultra conservative public in the United States.

Women can surprise everyone now that retro swimsuits are back in style. One of the best things about the retro bathing suit is that it has that perfect balance. A bikini is very revealing, there’s no doubt about that, but as the years grew along with the design, it seemed the bikini grew smaller and smaller. Fast forward to now and we have the string bikini and many other designs that can be a little bit too revealing.

The original bikini design had the perfect balance between skin and cloth. At least with the original bikini, you could at least hide of those unwanted “assets.”

A few other looks that are coming back today are the tankini and the monokini. Waist cinching is becoming a thing recently with many designers. The monokini is a one-piece type of bikini swimsuit. You can find monokini style swimwear with lots of creative cutouts. Waist cinching is a style that ties a belt made of fabric across the waist. It’s also great if you’re looking for an illusion of the belt, without the belt itself. So you’d get the look of the belt, without the restraint.

Oh the applications of that. Waist cinching a bikini allows you to accentuate your figure more and make your waist look a bit more slender than it really is. Not to mention the way it’ll make your figure look smoother. Tankinis are a popular style of swimsuit for a more conservative girl, offering a top and a bottom that have a bit more coverage than traditional bikinis. Tankinis often look like tank tops with bikini bottoms, but sometimes they can be strapless or have a swim skirt or boy shorts for a bottom. What’s even better about the tankini style of swimsuits is that the designers have more space to add styles to it, which means more variety for you! Since retro is back in, expect to see ruffles, buttons, rings, and tons of other designs on this season’s selection.

The bandeau top is also in this season, which means a lot of mixing and matching. The great thing about bandeau tops is that you don’t really have to buy them in a set. Once you have an old set of bikinis, you can combine them with the bandeau tops to give your old sets a nice spin. Plus, like a tube top, the bandeau has that sexy look to it that will surely make you sizzle on the beach.

If you’re going to shop for a new bikini, try to watch out for these excellent throwback fashion finds. The great thing about them is, they’re such classic designs, even if they go off trend, they’ll still be a head turner on the beach.


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