Wild Bachelorette Party Ideas

Who says men are the only ones who know how to party? Women can throw really wild parties too! Having fun at a bachelorette party is totally different from having to have to plan it all. It’s a completely different ball game when you can kick back and enjoy the fun instead of having to coordinate every detail. But the most redeeming factor of it all is the fun you’ll have during the party – well worth all the planning!

Always remember that the wild bachelorette party night is intended for the bride-to-be, so keep her personality in mind. The thought is that this is the last night she’ll be able to do all the wild things she won’t want do when she’s joined to her husband in marriage. With this in mind, you can draw some great bachelorette party ideas for a wild bachelorette night.

Here are some popular tips, games, themes, and party locations where the gals can have that one wild night before the bride-to-be enters into married bliss.

Wear your hottest outfit and try to see which among you gets the most pickup lines from the guys. This shouldn’t be all too hard. A nice LBD (little black dress) and classic high heels should do the trick. Try to choose an outfit that allows you to party hard, though. You don’t want any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions or painful blisters disrupting the party.

Choose your party location carefully. Nobody wants to party in a dead location or ghost town. Try to look for a city where the nightlife is vibrant and there’s no shortage of activities to do out and about. Places like Las Vegas and New York are always fantastic options, but try to look for cities that are rare gems when it comes to nightlife and you might be up for a nice surprise. You never know what you might discover.

If it fits with your crowd, you and the girls can go and enjoy a little striptease at a male revue or similar club locale. You can go out for dancing and drinks as well.

Have party games that are ready to play anywhere, any time. You never know what’ll happen in club or a bar when the party gets going, so to up the ante at a party, prepare games you can play out in a crowded scene. Add a little element of risqué behaviors into the mix as well. This may go without saying, but adding a subtle (or more pronounced, depending on your preferences) adult theme to the party can really spice up the heat of the bachelorette night.

One of the more popular games is called “Suck for a buck.” All you need is a white shirt and some hard candy. The bride-to-be wears a white shirt stuck full of hard candy in “strategic” locations. Try to approach men and dare them to suck out the candy using only their lips and tongue for a fee. The more “strategic” the location, the higher the fee.

Drinking games are always a staple, because, let’s face it, what’s a night out without some alcohol? These are easy to make up because you can do variations of different party games by just including alcohol. One example is “Truth or Shot” which is just truth or dare, with just dare replaced by a shot of any drink.

Always remember, try not to get things going too wild or else you might not be able to control it. The whole point of this is to have fun and not to find yourselves sprawled in someone else’s house, not being able to remember the night before. So enjoy, and try to keep things safe and fun at the same time!


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