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Gifts for a New Dad at the Birth of a Son or Daughter

There’s a longstanding tradition of husbands picking out “push presents” for their wives as they prepare to give birth to a new son or daughter. But what about those brave new dads? If you are interested in getting your husband a sweet gift to mark this special occasion, the arrival of your first son or daughter, or a new baby in general, consider these sweet and creative gifts for a new dad.

Not all couples exchange gifts and not all moms-to-be select presents for the new dad. If it’s in the budget or even if it’s that important to you that you want to make it work out, do your best to plan a little bit in advance. This can save you from having to pay expedited shipping or other costly charges. You can also shop around for the best price and the most memorable and appropriate gift.

Here are some gift ideas for a new dad at the birth of his son or daughter. (You can also consider these gifts for a dad who is celebrating another birth in the family – a second child, third child, etc., or as a special first Father’s Day gift or a gift for any Father’s Day.)

•    Cigar Gifts
•    Cufflinks
•    New Camera
•    Handheld Video Camera
•    Handwritten Letter or Sentimental Greeting Card
•    Keepsake Box / Men’s Valet Box
•    Personalized Keychain
•    Photo Album
•    Preplanned Date Night for the near future
•    T-Shirt and Onesie Combo
•    Watch or Timepiece

Daddy Scrubs can be a great, sentimental gift for the Dad-to-be. These classy scrubs give a new dad something to wear into the delivery room rather than getting stuck in a pair of hospital scrubs. Daddy Scrubs are available in a wide array of colors and sizes with different fonts available to proudly show off “Daddy” on the pocket and “I’m the Daddy” on the back. The scrub pants also display “daddyscrubs(R)” neatly down the leg. I received a complimentary set for review and for my husband to wear when our first child was born. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for him to change into them when our experience kicked into high gear. Hopefully we will be better prepared with the next child!

If you opt for cufflinks or some type of jewelry, consider getting your child’s birthstone as the focal point or a small accent. You can also find a wide variety of cufflinks at Amazon.com and at Etsy.com, where you can browse through literally hundreds of handmade, unique items designed by independent crafters. I actually opted for a lovely set of cufflinks for my husband – they are designed like word definitions, one says “Husband” and the other says “Dad,” symbolic to me of the merging of our marriage with the start of our family. My husband means the world to me, but now he is a daddy, too, so I wanted to recognize both aspects of our lives together as a family.

I also selected a few cigar gifts for him to enjoy with his cigars we chose for him to share with friends and family as keepsakes for our daughter’s birth. I picked out a gorgeous blue onyx cigar ashtray, a carbon fiber cigar cutter, and a matching carbon fiber cigar lighter.

To finish everything up, I picked out two cards – a thank you card to let my husband know how much it means to me that we’ve started a family together, and a love card to let him know he is still and always will be the love of my life. I hand-wrote a few lines from my heart and also let him know my hope is that our daughter can one day find someone as wonderful as him.

Feel free to pick out a similar gift or card for your husband as your child’s birth approaches – mine went over very well and in fact he told me I had gone a little overboard. I think he really liked the cards, and he wore the cufflinks on his first day back to work after our little one was born. He used the cigar accessories the night after we came home from the hospital, so I am confident he liked everything I chose.

If you have any other ideas for a sweet and memorable gift for the daddy (a reverse push present if you will), please feel free to share your ideas or the gifts you’ve selected (or received) in our comments below!


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