Suitable, Unusual Wedding Gifts for Young Couples

Brides and grooms are making things much easier on their guests nowadays. When it comes to wedding present shopping, most couples pick a few stores, set up a bridal registry of gifts they’d like to receive, and leave guests to choose items from their lists.

giftwrapAnd while shopping from the gift registry is sure to secure a present you know the happy couple will want and enjoy, it doesn’t leave you with the most original, creative wedding present by any stretch.

If you want to give the bride and groom a gift they will love and cherish for years to come, you had better find something besides that decorative potholder set or the trio of mixing bowls. Here are just a few creative options for your consideration.

For the cultured couple

Find a stunning piece of artwork – a painting, a sculpture – or get a professional artist to render a sketch or painting from a photograph you provide of the happy couple. For friends with a passion for music, consider passes to the orchestra, the symphony, or the opera.

For the domestic couple

If your friends love to cook and/or eat, get them a unique cooking appliance. Forget about your run of the mill mini kitchen gadgets and devices… you need something unusual and unforgettable. Better yet, get them something they can both use at the same time – like a fondue set, or Raclette, a Swiss dish that has a grill on top of the appliance and little dishes to melt cheese or heat sauce underneath.

For the fun-loving couple

Fun outdoor games are great for the couple's new home! (Photo courtesy of Jane M. Sawyer, spur of the moment, say anything, try anything once type friends, the wedding is sure to be a blast and your gift had better be, too! Ponder a few upscale game sets that would nicely accent their fun style. Check out dartboards that come with their own solid wood cabinet, or look for other social items. Scour the glassware section for a classy margarita set, some shooters, and other useful barware items.

For the sentimental couple

Ahh, the memories. If your best friend or a close relative is just about to tie the knot, think about all your memories together and the best possible gift may come to mind. Create a memory book or a scrapbook for your friend, showcasing many times you spent together. Use your own handiwork to craft a handmade blanket. Pick out some velvety photo albums and elegant photo frames so the new couple can fill their home with happy memories and images of loved ones. Rack your brain for any details about the couple’s first date, the proposal, or any event in the relationship that could relate to a gift of some sort. Indulge them with a gift basket if you think of too many memories!

For the sporty couple

Get them a season ticket plan to their favorite local sports team – major league or minor league, depending on your budget. Most sports franchises offer partial season game packs, so you can hook them up with a five-game plan of minor league hockey or a mini-season of baseball, basketball or the like.

* * *

One’s wedding day typically falls as one of the biggest, happiest moments in a person’s lifetime. If you do opt for the gift registry route, the store will print out a copy of the bride and groom’s wish list and give you a good push in the right direction. The rest is a scavenger hunt. Have fun!

Whether you select an item from the bridal registry or use your own creativity to select the perfect present, commemorate the special occasion with a gift and warm thoughts that come from the heart.

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