Muffinmeal: Innovative Meals and Desserts

What will you create with your set?As a product that is certainly the next big thing, Muffinmeal is going to wow you. As the next big Zing 2011 winner in the home category, Muffinmeal is recognized as a revolutionary bakeware accessory that will change how you bake from now on. This product creates endless opportunities for you to be innovative with your cooking and baking.

Muffinmeal allows you to bake cup-like holes into your muffins or cupcakes. This gives you the chance to fill your baked good with any filling you find desirable. Other products may scoop out bits of your dough, creating crumbs and a lot of food scraps. Only Muffinmeal creates a mess-free hole without wasting any mix.

Muffinmeal is a wonderful idea for any meal or dessert! Fill muffins or biscuits with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Try cornbread with chili for lunch or dinner. For dessert, make cupcakes and add fruit or ice cream. To get a look at some tasty recipes head to the website While you’re there check out the videos about the product and find out how to order yourself your own set.The basic Muffinmeal set

Design your treat with easy to follow directions with the Muffinmeal. This product works with any size or brand of cupcake pan and are adjustable to a variety of heights. Muffinmeal locks into place, so there is no need to worry about any sliding issues during baking or any differences between individual cupcakes in your batch. The product is FDA approved and can be placed in the dishwasher.

For the best and most delicious results, get acquainted with the cup and base before using Muffinmeal. This will help you to flawlessly disassemble the piece in order to keep your cupcake or muffin from crumbling. Wait for your baked food to cool before gently removing the Muffinmeal pieces.

I received a set of six cups for the purpose of this review. I was really excited to get a product to kick things up a notch in my kitchen. I always end up in a rut creating the same dinners and desserts and seek out something new by eating out. Meals with this product is no more expensive than cooking in my own home. This product is a simple way to switch things up and make not only eating more exciting, but also the process that gets it to the table!


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