Summer 2012 Hot Nail Polish Colors and Manicure Trends

Essie Summer 2012 nail polish collectionSun, surf, sand – it’s summer! And what better way to kick it off than to add a little color into your look with summer manis and pedis? No matter if you like bright and funky nail colors or sweet and subtle manicures and pedicures, you can find a pretty summer nail trend that suits your style this season. Here’s a quick rundown of the hottest nail polish colors and trends for summer 2012.

Perhaps the best place to look for the latest trends in everything from fashion to hair to nails is on the catwalk. Fashion weeks all over the world showcase forecasts on what’s going to be hot, and so people like us flock to fashion blogs and magazines to get a first look at what’s going to be in. This is especially true for nails this summer of 2012.

Reverse French Tip
It is what it is! Use a richer, darker color for the larger side, and a lighter, neutral color for the “tip.” French tip nails are timeless classics, so take a fun spin on this traditional manicure and pedicure style.


There’s one brand that comes to mind whenever I hear the term Ombre in connection with nails, and that brand is Zoya. You can wear the Zoya Beach collection Ombre style by blending two or more colors on one nail. Another way to do it is by wearing shades going from the darkest to the lightest from your thumb to your pinky, sort of like a gradient nail. Either way, your nails will still look like they came out of a fresh grapefruit.


Two words: China Glaze. If you want to go all out on a splash of color, China Glaze’s Summer 2012 collection is for you. You’ll be delighted with the neons in pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange. It’s all fun from there! Bright, bright neons are some of the hottest nail polish colors for summer this year.

Pale Brights
There’s no other way to spice up your nails than by literally making them bright. This is absolutely perfect for summer – you need something that will compliment a sundress. Essie’s Bikini So Teeny 2012 is the queen of the brand’s summer collection, and a sweet nail color that you should try. The Summer 2012 Essie nail collection is just so colorful and fun; you can create a whole wardrobe based on these nail lacquers.

Long and Elegant

Essie did quite a number for Zac Posen’s runway show. The models were fitted with long nails that were, of course, filed to a perfect rounded shape. The nails were then painted in a neutral color. This look is subdued enough for work yet super sexy for a hot night out with your man. Maybe it’s no surprise for a hot summer 2012 nail trend – nude and neutral nails always seem to be in style!

OPI Summer 2012 hot nail colorsShort and Sweet
Keep it prim and proper with short nails, but make them pop out with OPI’s Summer 2012 collection. The destination-themed colors are a great way to add juicy hues to your outfit. For this year, it’s all about Holland. Think tulips in red, pink, purple, and yellow, and you have a collection that’s waiting for you in the shelves. Spice up your summer outfits with these lovely summery nail colors for 2012.

Manicured nails are always a sight to see, so go ahead, have your nails done or do them yourself, and get ready to show them off this summer!


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