Creative Wedding Gifts to Give, Favors to Receive


Unforgettable Wedding Trinkets and Treasures…
If you are on the flipside of the wedding celebration—the receiving end of all the gifts—congratulations! To follow are some ideas to help you choose your wedding favors….

Beautifully personalized glassware—wine glasses, vases, shot glasses—can serve as a practical reminder of your special day. Your names and the date engraved or imprinted on the glass will be a beautiful token of your day of love, but you could also opt for a favorite quote, lyric or line of verse.

Scented candles with a similar inscription also serve a dual purpose: a useful item for guests to enjoy at their own homes, and a touching remembrance of your union. Coordinate the colors to the theme of your wedding or vary them to add a dash of color to the decorations you’ve already chosen. Consult with your significant other or make your first executive decision and choose a scent to be linked with your memories. Chances are that your guests will be reminded of the two of you whenever they burn the candle and take in its fragrance.

If your wedding is close to the winter holidays, consider an inscribed Christmas ornament…a crystal or porcelain bell or dove to signify your blissful marriage.

For a lower budget, countless options await, from magnets and bookmarks to bubbles and candy. Just use your imagination to discover the perfect item for your own special day. The Internet is a very valuable resource when it comes to finding innovative ideas about virtually anything. I even heard of a company offering personalized candy conversation hearts for sale to engaged couples!

Should you choose not to give a “gift” to your guests, the option to donate money to a meaningful charity presents an excellent opportunity to give a gift of greater importance. A most difficult hardship—the loss of a mother to cancer—prompted a bride to give a donation to The American Cancer Society in the name of all of their wedding guests. Even though her mother was not at the wedding to see her daughter wed the love of her life, her memory was at hand to every single guest present at the reception.

Possibilities of wedding favors to give to your guests are endless, but the most important thing to remember is that, in your wedded bliss, you and your true love are very special to all of your guests regardless of the small token you send home with them.

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