15 Things You Can Do to Settle a Crying Baby

babyteethAs a new parent, it isn’t always easy to figure out why our daughter is crying. I am finally starting to get the hang of her cries, knowing which one is a wet diaper or a burp, when she’s hungry, or when she’s tired. Sometimes she just wants to be held, and I don’t really think there is a special cry for that. It feels like it’s taken me forever to start figuring out these special cries, so here is a list of a few things that have worked to settle our baby when she’s been crying.

As babies get older, other factors may also come into play, like teething. Sometimes your baby may be hot or cold. Try to rule out the heavy hitters first, like wet or dirty diapers, gas pains, and hunger. If you can’t quite figure out why he or she is crying, be sure to check your baby’s temperature. Call your pediatrician if you are concerned! If your baby is just being fussy, here are 12 things you can try to cheer up your little one and stop the tears.

1.    Bounce your baby. Some babies absolutely adore bounce, and any movement for that matter.
2.    Sing to your baby. Even if you hate the sound of your own voice, your baby will love it.
3.    Take your little one for a walk around the block.
4.    If the weather is okay, step outside for a few minutes to completely change the atmosphere.
5.    Take your baby to a mirror. Some babies have an insatiable attraction to their own reflection.
6.    Raise your baby gently up and down in the air. (Absolutely never shake a baby!)
7.    Play with some of your baby’s toys with her.
8.    Show your baby something interesting, like a pet, other animals, or something out the window.
9.    Go for a short drive in the car.
10.    Play classical music for your little guy or girl.
11.    Have some simple interaction, like letting him or her hold onto your finger or thumb.
12.    Hold our baby close and dance around the room.
13.    Hum made up songs.
14.    Gently pat the baby on the back.
15.    Rock your baby off to sleep.

When all else fails you can always try the pacifier, binky, or whatever you call it. This can be just the trick when baby is crying in public.

Remember to use caution in all activities you enjoy with your baby and other children. Safety must always come first. If you are concerned about your little one, be sure to call your baby’s doctor, especially if your child has a fever or other symptoms of illness or discomfort. Also trust your parental instincts. No one knows your baby as well as you do. Sometimes it is possible to distinguish between normal cries and a cry when something is genuinely wrong, even if you don’t know all the different cries yet.

Also remember, no two babies are exactly the same, so some of these tips may work like a charm for one mom and not at all for another. Please feel free to review these tips and add your own to our comments below.


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