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Tips on Throwing an Olympics Viewing Party

Watching the Olympics can be such a memorable pastime when you enjoy these exciting sporting events with your family or friends. It can be a blast to cheer on your favorite athletes and your native country in the company of others who also enjoy these momentous events and overall competition. Here are a few tips to consider if you are interested in hosting your own Olympics party with family or friends.

An Olympics Viewing Party can be as casual or as outrageous as you like. Before you go too far in your planning, first consider whom you plan to invite. Will your Olympics party be kid-friendly or adults-only? Do you want to have family AND friends or just one or the other? How many guests would you like to invite, or how many can you comfortably accommodate? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can send out your invites or start making phone calls and sending text message to get the gang together.

Consider these tips on throwing an Olympics Viewing Party at your home or other special location.

•    Put up a banner with the Olympic rings, even if you just print one off your computer or have your child draw one on poster board for you.
•    Hang up your country’s flag if you haven’t already done so.
•    Decorate your home with banners and balloons and even streamers in the colors of your country or the country hosting the Olympics.
•    When it comes to your Olympics party menu, consider serving food and snacks popular in the country hosting the Olympics.
•    Set up bowls of snacks in the shape of the Olympic rings.
•    Make up a fun game where you and your guests can predict winners in each event you will be watching. Offer prizes for big wins.
•    Be sure to take photos during your Olympics party so that you and all your friends and family can remember this special occasion in years to come.

Depending on the crowd of people you pull together, you may even be able to interest your guests in having your own little Olympics competition with a few favorite sports in the backyard. For summer Olympics, you can do lots of swimming events if you have a pool, or play soccer and other sports in the yard. For winter events, you might consider making up your own game of curling, going sledding, or playing hockey or ice hockey. If your party is adults only, you might also consider hosting your own Beer Olympics! (Be sure to drink responsibly.)

What other ideas do you have for a fun Olympics party? Please share them in our comments below.


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