Comparative Review of Four Baby Bathtubs, Bath Seats, and Rinse Basins

Jahgoo Bath SupportJahgoo Bath Support

The Jahgoo Bath Support is a cool and clever baby bath seat that is made of shiny and smooth plastic with little suction cups on the seat’s feet. The seat is designed to make bathing baby easier, especially with holes in the seat bottom for rinsing away any mess. It is also super easy to clean, and very portable and storable. I received the Jahgoo Bath Support for the purpose of this review, and must admit I truly love the color and the aesthetics of the design. I did struggle a bit bathing my newborn in this seat by myself, but I think it is fairly difficult to bathe a newborn alone no matter where you are or what your equipment. This product is designed for use with infants from birth to six months of age.

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Jahgoo Bath Support Pros

-Stylish and cool, modern look

-Holes in the seat bottom to rinse away mess

-Suction cups on seat feet for stability

-Ergonomically designed

-Space conscious

-Affordable at only $14.99

Jahgoo Bath Support Cons

-Still need access to a bathtub or shower stall

-Still need a basin of some sort to fill with water and baby soap if using a shower

-Seemed a bit awkward when bathing a newborn alone; may be better suited for babies with established head and neck control or best used with both parents

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