Comparative Review of Four Baby Bathtubs, Bath Seats, and Rinse Basins

Rinse Hopper

What about those annoying moments when baby already had a bath but just had the blowout diaper of a lifetime? You can rely on the Rinse Hopper to help you wash away the poop without needing to do an all-out bath time experience every time. Simply place baby in the Rinse Hopper, remove the diaper and clothing below the belly button, and you can quickly and easily rinse away the mess. My husband and I really liked the idea behind this inventive product. It was actually created by parents who are doctors, making it a safe and smart alternative for babies of all sizes.

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Rinse Hopper Pros

-Fast way to get rid of mess from diapers and spit up

-Relatively affordable ($24.95)

-Design is brilliant for speedy washes and even regular bathing

-Helps to eliminate diaper rash by using water instead of baby wipes

-Use with existing hose attachment in your large sink or shower

-Large enough to use as your baby grows into a toddler

Rinse Hopper Cons

-Somewhat bulky as compared to other items

-Plastic is not as soft as it could be

-We do not have a laundry basin with rinse hose, and our removable showerhead doesn’t seem to do the trick. Your level of usefulness for this product may depend on the existing amenities in your home or apartment.

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