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Comparative Review of Four Baby Bathtubs, Bath Seats, and Rinse Basins

It’s no secret that babies are messy creatures. From the messes they make in diapers to the many times they spit up or empty their stomachs completely, moms and dads have come to expect an emergency bath here and there. Even if baby has a particularly good few days or a week, they still get to enjoy a regular bath time here and there, even from their earliest days as a newborn. That’s why it is so important to ensure you have a good baby bathtub, bath seat, sling or other piece of baby bathing equipment.

Here are four different pieces of baby bathing equipment to help you keep your infant happy and clean. Check out the pros, cons, and details of each baby bathtub, baby wash basin, and baby bath seat or sling to help you decide which one might be best suited for your little one.

Babies R Us Bath Sling

This product retails for less than $8 and it certainly has gotten its fair share of use in our home. We received this item as a gift at our baby shower and it has held up at home and on vacation. The bath sling reminds me of a hammock or other comfortable, flexible piece of furniture that has some ‘give’ to it. We have used this bath sling seat from Babies R Us since day one with our baby girl, and it has served us well.

You can buy the sea creature bath sling at Babies R Us or online at Babiesrus.com.

Pros of Babies R Us Bath Sling

-Very portable – fits in just about any crack or crevice in a fully packed car

-Comfortable for young babies

-Fairly secure, even for newborns without head control

-Extremely affordable

-Cute sea creature designs

-Made of breathable mesh

-Can use for up to the first year of life

Cons of Babies R Us Bath Sling

-Still need access to a bathtub or shower stall

-Still need a basin of some sort to fill with water and baby soap

-Baby will inevitably pee or poop on this and it is a bit of a pain to take the fabric off the sling frame for washing.

Jahgoo Bath Support

The Jahgoo Bath Support is a cool and clever baby bath seat that is made of shiny and smooth plastic with little suction cups on the seat’s feet. The seat is designed to make bathing baby easier, especially with holes in the seat bottom for rinsing away any mess. It is also super easy to clean, and very portable and storable. I received the Jahgoo Bath Support for the purpose of this review, and must admit I truly love the color and the aesthetics of the design. I did struggle a bit bathing my newborn in this seat by myself, but I think it is fairly difficult to bathe a newborn alone no matter where you are or what your equipment. This product is designed for use with infants from birth to six months of age.

For information on where to buy this product, please visit www.kastelinternational.com. You can also visit Jahgoo on Facebook at facebook.com/jahgoo for news of special promotions, new product introductions, and more.

Jahgoo Bath Support Pros

-Stylish and cool, modern look

-Holes in the seat bottom to rinse away mess

-Suction cups on seat feet for stability

-Ergonomically designed

-Space conscious

-Affordable at only $14.99

Jahgoo Bath Support Cons

-Still need access to a bathtub or shower stall

-Still need a basin of some sort to fill with water and baby soap if using a shower

-Seemed a bit awkward when bathing a newborn alone; may be better suited for babies with established head and neck control or best used with both parents

Rinse Hopper

What about those annoying moments when baby already had a bath but just had the blowout diaper of a lifetime? You can rely on the Rinse Hopper to help you wash away the poop without needing to do an all-out bath time experience every time. Simply place baby in the Rinse Hopper, remove the diaper and clothing below the belly button, and you can quickly and easily rinse away the mess. My husband and I really liked the idea behind this inventive product. It was actually created by parents who are doctors, making it a safe and smart alternative for babies of all sizes.

For more information about Rinse Hopper or to place an order, check out their website at http://www.rinsehopper.com.

Rinse Hopper Pros

-Fast way to get rid of mess from diapers and spit up

-Relatively affordable ($24.95)

-Design is brilliant for speedy washes and even regular bathing

-Helps to eliminate diaper rash by using water instead of baby wipes

-Use with existing hose attachment in your large sink or shower

-Large enough to use as your baby grows into a toddler

Rinse Hopper Cons

-Somewhat bulky as compared to other items

-Plastic is not as soft as it could be

-We do not have a laundry basin with rinse hose, and our removable showerhead doesn’t seem to do the trick. Your level of usefulness for this product may depend on the existing amenities in your home or apartment.

Summer Infant Cushy Cradler Newborn Baby Bath

This baby bathtub has a soft foam type composition that won’t give you any worries as you put your newborn inside for her first bath. The Cushy Cradler Newborn Baby Bath is completely made of foam, making it a smart and safe choice for your tiny infant. This tub is a good size for babies from birth until they can sit up unassisted, and it can fit on most countertops, inside most bathtubs, or on the floor next to the shower or tub. I received a Cushy Cradler for the purpose of this review, and it is definitely the softest material used, short of the fabric bath sling.

This baby tub has a cradling design to keep your little one safe and snuggled in, while the bottom has a convenient drain plug to release the bathwater. This tub retails for $39.99 and can be purchased at Amazon.com, Target, and at other favorite baby stores. For more information about the Cushy Cradler Newborn Baby Bath and other products by Summer Infant, check out http://www.summerinfant.com.

Cushy Cradler Newborn Baby Bath Pros

-Very soft foam composition

-Cradling shape to keep baby safe

-Built-in drain plug

-Relatively easy to maneuver baby for cleaning front and back

Cushy Cradler Newborn Baby Bath Cons

-Baby outgrows this product when he or she can sit unassisted

-A bit more expensive than the other baby bathtubs and seats

This baby bathtub comparison reviewed four items that were not in and of themselves similar to each other. The purpose was not to compare apples to apples, but merely to introduce four different types of baby bathing equipment to hopefully help parents find one that is best suited for their baby and their home. If you have additional thoughts or opinions on these or related baby bath products, please feel free to share in our comments below.


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