Things To Keep You Busy During The Summer

After a few days off from school (whether you teach or attend), days can mass into a blur of nothingness due to lack of routine and daily assignments. Friends and family may be off on their own vacations or adventures. Even working a part time job can leave you with more free time than you can handle. Let the following list of ideas inspire you to make your own summer adventures.

Camping in the MountainsThings To Do With A Car (And A Bit Of Money)

If you have a vehicle or access to public transportation (and aren’t totally broke) the following things can fill up your calendar in no time!

Find an outdoor adventure. Take a car ride to the nearest area that lets you experience the great outdoors. Float a river. Take a hike or nature walk. Go camping. If you aren’t super keen on surviving in the wild on your own, consider staying at a campground that offers activities with guides.

Go to an amusement park, zoo, or museum. Find a friend or family to go to local attractions. Look online or in local newspapers and magazines for discount coupons.

Visit a friend. Take some time off work to visit a friend. Make a day trip if the friend is local or just a few hours away. If you have the time and money, visit a friend who’s moved further away in another state or country.

Go to a concert. Many bands and solo artists take the summer to tour. There should be a plethora of gigs you could attend. Remember to drink lots of water if it’s outside!


Things To Do Without A Car

Even if you are unable to drive or access public transportation, there are many things available to keep you busy, especially walking or riding a bike to get there!

Take a walk Whether you live in a place with sidewalks or not, a walk can be a nice way to wind the day down or relax. It’s a simple way to keep active without the need of any special workout equipment or clothes.Colorful Tubes of Paint

Take a walk with a friend. Spend some quality time or make an adventure out of a walk. Even if you don’t have a person to physically walk with, call one up on your cell phone.

Lay out in the sun. Whether you are working on your tan or not, take some time (and some SPF) to soak up the sun and Vitamin D. Enjoy the warm weather before it’s gone!

Crafts. Even if you don’t have a wealth of art supplies, you can find something to craft in some way. Make a collage from magazines or remake an over-sized tee. If you don’t have paint, use sharpies to redecorate planters or plastic bins. (If you are a kid, you might want to ask a parent before you take a marker to anything!)

Reorganize your closet/room/house/apartment. Not all things to keep you busy have to be fun. Although this might not be your top choice. Imagine how easy it will be to find your favorite sweater or pair of boots in the fall! Organize by colors, seasons, or style. If you find items you simply don’t need any more find a shop where you can sell them or donate them to a clothing drive.

Learn a new recipe. The website allows you to enter each ingredient that you have available in your kitchen or a combination of items you enjoy cooking with. Unless you have a super stocked kitchen, you may need to occasionally purchase something new. Although you may have tried a recipe before, this is an easy way to find recipes that you are interested in.

Things to Stay Active

An excess of free time leaves you with no excuse for not taking advantage of the the time or the summer weather for getting in shape or shedding a few pounds!

Boy with Swim GogglesTake a swim. If you have a swimming pool, this one’s a no brainer, but if you don’t this might be more difficult to figure out how. Find a public pool to use or make your own. Even a kiddie pool is nice to sit in for a cool down. If you have your own pool, find new ways to make it fun. Reinvent your favorite game on the ground by playing it in the pool. In the past, I’ve played volleyball, baseball, and rugby. Even if there’s just two of you, there’s a way you can get around it. My younger brother and I used ‘ghost players’ on the bases so we could bat and run each inning.

Train for the Olympics. So I might just be caught up in all the excitement of the games, but I think that this is a great way to inspire anyone to get in better shape and have a regular workout routine. I’m definitely jealous of all the fit Olympians. If they can take hours of their days and years of their lives to train for their event, I can at the very least take some time out of my week for an intensive workout.

Run outside. Beat the heat and wake up early to get a run in before the sun is at its hottest. Enjoy the scenery around you. Use ends of blocks or other landmarks as markers to sprint towards. Other runners can also serve as a boost for you to keep running past instead of taking your walking break when you really want it.

Organize pickup games. If you have a great yard or live close enough to a school or park that’ll let you play, invite a few friends or past teammates for a pickup game of your choice. With any luck, by the end of the summer you’ll have enough players for a proper game of the sport of your choice!


Things To Do When Away from Home

Although you may be adding an amazing experience to your resume, it’s difficult to make friends in a new place and for just a few months. It’s difficult to keep in touch with friends when you are in different places and cannot hang out in the flesh.

Organize an unofficial book club. There are always some summer reading hits. Pick an individual book or a series to read at the same time as a friend. Either videochat to discuss your thoughts or send e-mails back and forth for each chapter.

Send postcards. Try to find hilarious postcards in your city, town, or the surrounding areas. Take time to find (or make up) a funny story to send to your friends and family.

Call or video chat home. Your family and friends would love to hear from you and see your smiling face! Reconnect with them and describe the place where you are staying if they are unfamiliar with the area.

Discover a new TV series. You might find yourself with a lot of free time in which tv watching can certainly kill. Find a tv show to catch up on or discover a new one. Borrow, buy, or rent a DVD set of a series you find interesting. Even better get one that a friend has always been raving about so you finally get the reason why.


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