Baby and Toddler Sippy Cups and Water Bottles

Hello Kitty sippy cupIt’s pretty exciting when your child meets new milestones, whether it’s a first smile or being able to roll over, walk, or hold a bottle. When your little one graduates from baby bottles to toddler cups, sippy cups, and even kiddie water bottles, this can also be an exciting milestone. So many different colors and styles of baby cups and toddler cups are available, waiting for the moment when your babe is ready for his or her “big kid cup.”

Philips AVENT offers a wide array of kiddie cups and baby bottles to suit just about every need when it comes to drink ware for kids. The Philips AVENT Toddler Straw Cups (one-pack and two-pack, 9 oz. or 12 oz., ranging from $4.99 to $9.99) come in a variety of colors and designs, and they are perfectly adorable for your little ones. These 12-oz cups are designed for toddlers age 18+ months. Moms will love how the twist top keeps the straw clean and connected while kids will love how much fun it is to do the twisting. These toddler cups can be easily disassembled and are fully dishwasher safe. Perhaps the best feature is that these straw cups for kids are also leak-proof and easy to clean, not to mention easy for your child to hold and use independently. The pieces of this cup are also fully interchangeable with the complete Philips AVENT product line.

I received an adorable set of two Philips AVENT Toddler Cups Straw Cups in a beautiful bright pink color with a super cute bunny in a sailboat design. Next to the bunny’s sailboat is a teeny sailboat with a little mouse. The bottles themselves show measurements for US ounces as well as ml / cc. The straw is detachable and easy to replace, as well as bite resistant due to its silicone composition.

Philips AVENT also offers a sippy cup known as the Toddler Spout Cup (sold in one-pack and two-pack, 7 oz. and 9 oz., ranging from $4.49 to $8.99). I received a green cup with a cute bunny and kitty design, though blue and pink cups are also available. This cup holds 9 oz. and is rated for ages 12+ months. I love that the cup has two handles, making it easy for kids to drink and hold the cup. This spill-free sipper has a hard spout with a flip-top lid to ensure the parts touching your child’s mouth remain clean. This cup is also easy to clean and assemble, while also interchangeable with other Philips AVENT cups and bottles.

AVENT Drinking CupThe Toddler Natural Drinking Cup by Philips AVENT ($6.99) is the ideal way to help your little one transition from a sippy cup to an adult cup. I received a red cup, which has no spout and no straw – it is fully designed to help your child learn how to use a regular cup or glass. This 9 oz. “first grownup cup” has a lip-activated valve that releases the liquid when your child wants to drink. What a clever design! Who would have thought it possible to teach children how to drink from a regular cup without having to chance big spills or breakage with your regular cups and glasses! This product is also orthodontist recommended and it allows kids to drink from all the way around the rim of the cup, not just in one place. A plastic lid is included for good hygiene, and the cup also has handles for easy holding. True to the Philips AVENT way, this cup is also interchangeable with others in the product line.

These Philips AVENT products are BPA free, sturdy, and durable for little hands. Get yours at Babies R Us, Walmart, Target, Meijer, Fred Meyer, and For more information about Philips AVENT baby products, visit

SIGG brand won’t leave you wishing for a cute and stylish, functional water bottle for your little one. SIGG crafts attractive, made-to-last water bottles for toddlers through adults, with an adorable collection of bottles for kids, with cute designs like the Hello Kitty SIGG water bottle I received for the purpose of this review. The lovely Hello Kitty is on the front and back of the water bottle, surrounded by a few clouds and pretty red balloons on a pale pink water bottle. The bottle’s cap is black and hot pink with a flip-top that reveals a turnable spout. Removing the lid reveals a sturdily constructed metal bottle that is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. All materials in this SIGG bottle for kids are also BPA free.

SIGG kids’ bottles are available in a wide array of colors and designs featuring popular characters and toys like Barbie, Hot Wheels, and more. Choose from .3 and .4 L bottles, and even teen bottles and those for adults. SIGG products are Swiss-made in the highest quality using a single piece of aluminum to create a bottle without a seam that is leak-proof and durable. Be sure your entire family gets the recommended eight glasses of water per day with these fun and functional water bottles! For more information about kid bottles and other SIGG products, check out and


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