Slick Sugar Belly Banter Milestone Stickers

Belly BanterNo doubt you’ve seen the onesie stickers to mark each of your baby’s “month birthdays.” Well, Slick Sugar takes things a step further with their own Belly Banter Milestones stickers. These circular stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove, allowing you to save them for your baby’s scrapbook, memory box, or other crafty keepsake. These onesie stickers announce some of your baby’s proudest moments for all of your family and friends to see, like crawling, sitting up, rolling over, and first steps, to name just a few.

Slick Sugar also offers sets of 15 Belly Banter onesie stickers for the month birthdays (unisex, boy, and girl), holidays, and even a set for the expecting mom. The milestones set I received for the purpose of this review includes an array of cute and clever sayings on 15 belly stickers. A few examples are: “This is how I ROLL,” “I can SIT,” “Catching some Zzzzz,” and “giggle.” The milestone stickers announce first steps, sitting, crawling, rolling over, first words, first haircut, sleeping through the night, fruits and veggies, road trip, and more.

Each sticker is 4” and it can be easily adhered and removed to your baby’s clothing. Once you apply the sticker, be sure to snap as many adorable photos as you can muster. Capture your baby’s firsts with these stickers and your camera, and then arrange the sticker and corresponding photos in your baby book or scrapbook.

I also received an adorable yellow peace sign onesie from Slick Sugar with my own set of Belly Banter milestone stickers. These stickers would make a great gift idea for any baby shower or as a sweet little gift for no particular reason for the mom-to-be.

The Belly Banter Milestones Sticker Set and other styles in the collection retail for $14.99. For more information about Slick Sugar and Belly Banter, check out


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