Hot Fall 2012 Nail Polish Colors and Trends

hot fall 2012 nail colorsFall nail polish colors and trends for 2012 promise to be darker, more mysterious, and richer than their summer counterparts. Keep in mind that as the weather becomes chillier and the leaves turn brown, the color palette for this season will be in the same tone. Let’s take a tour of the hottest nail trends for fall 2012.

Dark hues
Perhaps the most popular nail trend for fall will be of a more subdued elegance embodied by dark hues such as midnight blue, copper, and burgundy. The nails at Wes Craven were of the same look and feel. Dark, mysterious, but still as beautiful…

Black, but not quite
There’s plum, blackened malachite, black coffee, and midnight blue nails. These were achieved by combining two shades – one in a deep and vibrant hue and the other in an almost black shade. To make midnight blue, for example, you can combine Essie’s Electric Purple and Black Jack topped with a matte finish. Perfect for nail polish for fall evenings.

Crimson makes a big comeback this year. Red hot lips, whether with a blue or orange base, look great with crimson nails. This bold red nail trend also works well with metallic accessories as the color really pops. Other shades of red are as equally stunning- there’s coral and fire engine red, among others.

Fall 2012 nail trends aren’t just about the darker shades. Some designers like Rachel Anotoff like it spunky and colorful. Nail art, well, it never ceases to become a favorite. In fact, some summer shades such as watermelon, cucumber, lime green, and cobalt transition well into fall.

A little bit of shimmer is always beautiful. In fact, it goes pretty well with dark colors, giving them a little kick. Matte nails are also in season. Think subdued hues that are as matte as the most luscious matte lip color. Such a perfect combination, right? Like red, it goes well with metallic since the metallic shine is a stark contrast to the vivid matte color.

Other mainstays for fall nail trends this 2012 come from the summer hype. There’s ombre, neon colors, nude and neutral shades, as well as the classic French tip. Oval or short and round nails are still the best canvass for this seasons colors and trends in nails- classic neat and trim nails are always a sight to see- as well as beige and light pink lacquer.

The top brands in the beauty industry have been releasing their fall 2012 lacquer collections and these popular nail colors are widely available as early as today. OPI has its Germany collection which boasts a variety of rich colors such as Unforgettably Blue, Don’t Talk Bach To Me, and Deutsch You Want Me Baby. Pretty catchy names, a typical OPI trademark.

Essie also released its fall collection, Yogaga, with Pilates Hottie, Gym Dandy, and Boxer Shorts. These come in a lighter shade compared to OPI’s Germany collection.

A new fall favorite nail polish brand is the British laquer Butter. It just released its new fall/winter 2012 collection that’s sure to add sparkle into your life. I’m thinking this is a good set for nights around town.

The fall and winter collection for 2012 is all about the subdued elegance that comes in every bottle of color. Whether you prefer bold and dark tones or bright shades for your fall nails, be sure to add a new shade or two to your polish collection just in time for the autumn of 2012.


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