30-Minute Meals for a Quick Dinner at Home

30-minute meals giveawayMaking dinner can become quite a chore, especially when you are working during the day or if you have a whole family to feed. Quick and easy meals can take away some of the daily stress you might face when it comes to cooking for your family. But, did you know a “quick and easy meal” doesn’t always have to start with hotdogs and end with macaroni and cheese?

In case you haven’t had the pleasure of trying them yet, you should check out my recent review on the McCormick Gourmet seasoning recipe mixes. I found these to be such a great way to make a variety of quick and easy meals at home now that I am trying to juggle life with an infant on top of all my normal routine.

Life Love Beauty recently hosted the McCormick Elevating Everyday Meals contest, where we asked our readers to share their favorite 30-minute meals. We received many great submissions, including the following:

•    Chicken diced and sprinkled with olive oil, parsley flakes and sea salt and pepper
•    Ham steak and then rice or quinoa for a side
•    Tacos
•    Cream of chicken over rice, cornbread, and veggies
•    Hot Southern chili
•    Roast beef hash
•    Grilled sandwiches and soup
•    Sautéed shrimp and rice
•    Steak and onion sandwiches
•    Hamburgers or hotdogs on the grill
•    Spaghetti
•    Stir fry made from leftovers
•    Roast chicken with roast sage potatoes
•    Roast asparagus and tomatoes in broth as a quick soup
•    Garlic and White Wine Chicken Scaloppine
•    Pepper steak
•    French toast and bacon or sausage links
•    OLD BAY Baked Crusted Salmon
•    Baked chicken with rice and cheese
•    Pasta

McCormick Elevating Everyday Meals GiveawayWe are proud to announce the winner of our Elevating Everyday Meals Giveaway – Tim, with his entry: “I like to make what I call cupboard clearing casseroles. I take a random meat that seems to not have any alternate uses, then I just grab stuff from the cupboard (rice, beans, pasta, vegetables, cream of mushroom, etc) and mix it all together, sprinkle some cheese on top and bake it. It rarely turns out poorly, no matter what you put in. One time I even through some Craisins in one and the salty/sweet contrast made it really good.”

If you have any other 30-minute meals (or even quicker ones) that you would like to share, please leave a comment with your tips below.


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