First Kid, Second Kid – How Moms Adapt and Change with the Next Baby

I’m only on my first kid, but a lot of my friends are on their second or third. It isn’t hard to see how moms get to be pros at satisfying their babies’ needs, resolving them even quicker and more efficiently as they make it to the second or third kid. Even with just one, I have learned how to do a variety of things “single handedly” (I finally get that reference, haha). Eating, laundry, feeding the dog, playing with the dog, applying makeup, putting away clean clothes and dishes, straightening the house – all of these things and more I can do while also holding my daughter.

I imagine it only gets easier with the next kid. Although, I am sure some things become more of a challenge, too. Keeping the peace in a home likely becomes more difficult, for one. I also assume going places with the kids increases in complexity in proportion to the number of kids you have. I know it takes me longer to get ready to go somewhere with one kid; try multiplying that…

Just yesterday I ran a little over three miles in my neighborhood with my five-month-old daughter in the jogging stroller. I found it to be a bit more of a workout than I was expecting, but still very manageable (or else I would have stopped after a mile or two!). In cases of twins or a second child, I can’t really imagine running with a double jogger – yikes! I guess I would finally get that upper-body strength I’ve always been lacking, that is, of course, if I can get the kids dressed and ready to go before the sun goes down.

Rather than saying something witty to finish off my post, I am going to leave you with this breastfeeding video from Luvs, the diaper company. Luvs has produced a fun video series that speaks to this first kid, second kid evolution. You should really check out all of the videos in the set. The short videos show moms getting with the program and simplifying things by the next kid, sometimes even in a comical way. They are quite enjoyable. Check out the breastfeeding video we’ve embedded on our site for your convenience:

In your experiences as a parent, what has become easier with the second baby? What has become more difficult? Also, what did you think of this breastfeeding video from Luvs? It sure was made to elicit some kind of emotion – how did it make you feel? As a media outlet, we know there’s bound to be some controversy around how people feel about breastfeeding while dining at a restaurant. We invite you to share your thoughts on that, too, or stay tuned for our upcoming post, Breastfeeding in Public – What Do You Think?.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this breastfeeding video, as well as how your parenting evolved with each new child and any tips you may have, in our comments below.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Luvs. Life Love Beauty will be receiving two packs of Luvs diapers in exchange for this content. Said sponsorship did not influence our opinion or comments as shared in this article. Life Love Beauty abides by FTC guidelines and regulations.


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