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Halloween Treats

Holidays are a great opportunity to explore fun and festive snacks, and also a great time to create your own innovative recipes. Use the food you serve at your party as additional decorations. I’ve seen scary “blood” dripped cupcakes that were a fabulous hit at a zombie themed party. Halloween can be so much more than just fun size candy bars and classic candy corn. I took some time to find and create exciting alternatives to the staples of October 31st.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Tastykakes were a hot commodity in the lunchroom as well as my home. Everybody in my family is able to have a his or her own favorite ‘kake’ with the variety this brand offers. My sister especially loves the Ghostly Goodies coconut candykakes, but there are so many flavors to try and love. After moving to the west coast, I was delighted to receive the new flavors of Tastykakes to sample.

Kandy Bar Kakes are the perfect combination of Hershey’s candy bars and the Tastykakes we know and love. The three flavors of this new type of kake include Smore’s Kandy Bar Kakes made with Hershey Chocolate, Peppermint Kandy Bar Kakes made with York peppermint flavor, and Peanut Butter Kandy Bar Kake made with Reese’s peanut butter.

For fun Halloween treats, check out the following Tastykake recipes.

Coffin Cakes: Take a Peppermint Kandy Bar Kake and transform it into a coffin shape. Frost it with chocolate frosting and use white icing to trace the outline and add ‘R.I.P.’ to your coffin. Add candy skeleton pieces to finish the treat!

Spooky S’more Pops: Insert lollipop sticks into S’more Kandy Bar Kakes. Coat them in marshmallow fluff and roll them around in crumbled graham crackers. Place them in the freezer for around 15 minutes to have the marshmallow and graham cracker coating harden.

Creepy Crawly Cake Bites: Create a spider out of the Peanut Butter Kandy Bar Kake! Cut the kake in half and insert licorice pieces as legs and candy corn as eyes.

Devilish Dirt Cups: Crumble a Kandy Bar Kake and mix with chocolate pudding. Top the mixture with gummy worms!

Use marshmallow fluff as glue to attach lollipop sticks and candy corn. If you notice the fluff is melting too quickly, place your treat in the freezer for a bit and then resume working on your creation. Toothpicks might also help to insert candy pieces into the kakes.

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Frito Lay snack packs are not just for lunchtime anymore. Add these to your party food lineup instead of chancing bowls of chips and pretzels that are just bound to get stale as the night goes on. This offers more variety to your guests as well as allowing them to pick their own favorite snacks. Better yet, let your trick or treaters have a special surprise with one of the many Frito Lay flavors!

I received a Halloween themed mulitpack of Frito-Lay treats. The bag features a very hungry Frankenstein’s monster nomming down on a bag of each variety of the flavors it contains. The Classic Mix bag includes 20 individual sized bags of Lay’s Classic potato chips, Doritos in both Cool Ranch (aka the best flavor ever, if you’re not in the know) and Spicy Nacho, Fritos, Cheetos, and SunChips.

The Flavor Mix variety of snacks features Count Dracula on the bag with Lay’s Sour Cream & Onion as well as Barbecue chips, Cheetos, Spicy Nacho and Cool Ranch Doritos, and Chilli Cheese Fritos.

Even if you aren’t planning on a party, these snacks are great to control portion sizes, or simply for a bite on the run or in lunches.

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I was also lucky to receive a bottle of Mazola Corn Oil to try out some tasty and spooky recipes. Corn oil is a healthier alternative to other types of oils because of the high amount of plant sterols it contains. These plant sterols can reduce the amount of cholesterol your body absorbs and are one of the most effective nutrients to naturally do this.

Although eating healthy is something I aim to do, I also aim to eat as much pizza as possible. (Just kidding….maybe.) I am such a fan of making my own pizza and was really stoked to make cute mini spider pizzas. I made veggie pizzas using tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions-they were delicious!

This recipe for dough can be refrigerated for the next day or frozen for up to a month. This is particularly great for those who cook for only one or two. Make the dough one day and have quick opportunities for making pizza the rest of the month! For the full recipe, click here.

Other fun festive recipes with Mazola Corn Oil include Double Dipped Caramel Apples and Mozzarella Stuffed Soft Breadsticks.

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If you’re interested in healthy alternatives for snacks, there are several available that don’t skimp on Halloween flair.

I received two of Lifeway Probugs™ Organic Whole Milk Kefir, a dairy beverage that contains live and active probiotic cultures. They are geared towards children with fun bug characters. This probiotic drink is said to provide more nutrients than yogurt!

Probugs flavors are cutely named Goo-Berry Pie, Orange Creamy Crawler, Strawnana Split, and Sublime Slime Lime. I was able to try the Orange and Stranana flavors.

Get a good dose of protein and calcium in no time. This smoothie-like drink is perfect for on the go with an easy to grip package and spill-proof spout! For more information and additional products Lifeway has to offer, visit their website.

Another great kid-friendly snack on the go would be Funky Monkey Snacks. These freeze dried crunchy fruit snacks are available in seven different flavors and two different sizes. I received several pouches in both sizes. Use one-serving pouches in lunches and bring along the three-serving pouches when you want to share your treats with others.

Flavors are mixes of fruit favorites and come in Applemon, Bananamon, Carnaval Mix, JiveALime, MangOJ, Pink Pineapple, and Purple Funk. These 100% real fruit and fat free snacks do not include any added sugars and are gluten free. Some varieties will be organic as well.

It’s so easy to add a serving of fruit to your day when snacking on Funky Monkey snacks is one serving of fruit. You only need to eat ¼ cup of freeze-dried fruit for it to count as one serving. Find these crunchy vegan snacks and the rest of their nutritional facts online at their fun interactive website.


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