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The spookiest spirit of the bunch, Lucid Absinthe was the first genuine authentic absinthe to be made available after the 95 year ban in America. If that doesn’t excite your taste buds, perhaps you need to experience it for yourself.

Lucid Absinthe is made according to the same standards of pre-banned absinthe. All details of this process are historically accurate. Although hallucinogenic effects of absinthe are said to be a myth, why don’t you try these seasonal Lucid cocktail recipes to know firsthand?

Le Chat Noir

1 oz. LUCID®

1 oz. Effen® Black Cherry Vodka

2 oz. lemon-lime soda

Raspberry liqueur to taste

Lemon wedges or cherry as garnish

Fill a tall glass with ice and add Lucid Absnithe and Effen Black Cherry Vodka. Add lemon-lime soda and float raspberry liqueur. Garnish with a lemon wedge or cherry and serve.

Poison Apple

1 oz LUCID®

2 oz Apple Cider

1 oz Cranberry

Juice Ginger Ale

1/2 oz Chambord

Combine LUCID, Apple Cider and Cranberry Juice in a shaker over ice and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Drop the Chambord to the bottom of the glass. Skewer a Granny Smith Apple wedge on a pick and lay lengthwise across the edge of the glass.

Paranormal Activity

1 part LUCID®

1 part white crème de cacao

1 part coconut milk

Drizzle of Black Sambuca

Combine LUCID, white crème de cacao, and coconut milk in a shaker filled with ice. Shake till frothy and strain into a short rocks glass over ice. Drizzle Black Sambuca down the side of the glass until it floats on the bottom and diffuses through the cocktail.

I received a sample kit of LUCID Absinthe to test the recipes and for the purpose of review.

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