Halloween Cocktails

Bulldog London Dry Gin

I received several bottles of ACTIVATE energy water as well as a bottle of Bulldog London Dry Gin in order to try the following recipes. ACTIVATE is not only easy as a cocktail mixer, but also easy on your diet! These water beverages are sugar and calorie free in addition to containing a number of vitamins and nutrients. Instead of sugar, ACTIVATE is sweetened with natural stevia.

The award winning Bulldog super-premium gin is crafted in a distillery with 250 years of experience. With a slogan like “Mixes with everything. Surrenders to nothing.” Bulldog Gin does not disappoint. The distinct gin is delicately infused with 12 natural botanicals collected from 8 countries around the world.

Enjoy Bulldog gin in one of the following cocktail recipes or as London Cider with one part gin, two parts apple cider, and topped with cinnamon sticks.

Activate Water

Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail

2 oz. Orange ACTIVATE

2 oz. Vodka

Orange wheel and lime twist for garnish

Ghoul's Green Fizz

Ghoul’s Green Fizz

2 oz. Lemon Lime ACTIVATE

2 oz. London dry gin

Club soda

Lime to garnish

If you are a lover of super sweet drinks, these may not be your favorite Halloween drinks out of all those in this article. If the drink is too strong for you, I’d recommend adding more ACTIVATE or substituting lemon-lime soda for the club soda or adding it to the recipe.

We hope you enjoy these fun and festive Halloween cocktail ideas. Which one is your favorite, or what do you want to try for yourself? Please share your thoughts in our comments below.


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