The Makeup Staples of Rimmel London

Twelve great products from Rimmel LondonThere are certain items every gal should have in her beauty kit. Although I could totally be cheesy and say they’re a smile and confidence, I’m talking about tangible makeup this time around. From eye shadow to lip color to foundation, I was lucky to receive a bit of everything from Rimmel London. These twelve products create some really classic and stunning makeup looks.

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipsticks are just as pretty in your purse as they are on your lips. They might just look like a generic tube of lipstick to some, but I think they have such a classic look with a black case and Kate’s autograph in red with a heart on the cap.

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipsticks

The collection has a color for everyone. I received three of the collection’s shades to try out. I have to say my favorite is a very neutral light, dusty shade of light pink. The other colors I received are also spectacular (a mauve and an orange-red), but I can’t get enough of playing with neutral colored makeup, so the dusty rose takes the cake.

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick

The Lasting Finish sticks claim to have up to 8 hours of wear. Although I never checked my watch to have an official count of how long it stayed, I was pleased with how well the color stayed with just one application. I brought my lipstick along when I went out for the day or night, but I never found myself needing to reapply.

The smooth formula feels comfortable for a night out or an everyday look. When I wore it, I didn’t feel like I was too made up and it looked very natural with the rest of my look.

Glam’Eyes HD Eyeshadows

Glam’Eyes HD Eyeshadows are another pretty product of Rimmel London. The shadows are arranged in the Union Jack flag. The colors are vibrant and glitzy, but not chock full of glitter- it’s just the right amount for you to feel dazzling and not at all silly.

I received the shades Green Park and Heart of Gold. Mix all three shades shades in the shadow pack to create highlights and contours. The shadows are packaged in tiny shapes, which might be hard to get to with larger brushes. The brush that comes with the pigments is tiny enough to get one color without picking up the others.

Scandaleyes MascarasMascara might be a girl’s best friend. It’s probably my favorite makeup item to play around with; I’ve got blues, teals, purples, you name it, it’s in my makeup bins. I received Rimmel’s ScandalEyes Mascara in Volume Flash and Waterproof, both in the classic shade of Black.

The application brush is larger than most mascaras, which helps to catch every lash. This formula coats the entirety of your lashes with 3x collagen and keratin formula to give extra boost to your eyes. As a contact wearer with semi-sensitive eyes, it’s great to find a product that fits both those niches and is also ophthalmologist tested. I had no issues with wearing the mascara.

ScandalEyes Mascara not only accentuates lashes with a bold, black shade, but makes eyes pop with fuller, longer lashes. The big orange tube is another plus for when you are routing through your purse — it certainly stands out!

Rimmel London's Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer

Rimmel’s Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer will also aid in beautiful eyes. They are available in a range of bright colors; I received shades in Purple Shock and Precious Gold. Theses eyeliner colors are strong and beautiful. The gold has just the right amount of glitz and the purple is more of a matte color.

The liner glides on smoothly and resists smudging more than I would think it’s capable. I put some on my hand and really had to rub to get the makeup off. It still didn’t “smudge,” but it did remove the color. At the other end of a liner, you’ll find an extra bonus of a smudge brush and a sharpener! Although the liner is already thin, use the sharpener to get a more precise and thinner line.

Rimmel London's Clean Finish FoundationI received Rimmel’s Clean Finish Matte Foundation in Soft Beige. Although this shade is a little darker than my pale nearly-winter face, if I had more sun on my face I’d be wearing this all the time. The formula feels light on the skin and makes for a perfectly flawless face.

Clean Finish Foundation controls shine and the appearance of pores while providing up to 12 hours of wear. The mineral formula won’t clog pores and will soak up oil leaving the face clean-feeling with a matte finish.

Find your perfect shade of blush with Rimmel’s Match Perfection 3 Tone Blush. This product features three shades in one palette. Smart-Tone technology and a blendable formula will leave you will unbeatable color that blends not only with each other but also your skin tone without any distinct lines.

Rimmel London Blush and Powder

I received Light/Medium in the blush and Creamy Natural in the powder.

Top off your look with Rimmel’s Stay Matte Powder, which is available in three shades. This pressed power controls shine up to 12 hours and reduces the appearance of pores with natural minerals. One downside is that the lid isn’t perfect and mine tends to have difficulty staying closed. I would advise you treat yours with care; it might not be a product to keep loose in your bag.


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