Top 10 Christmas Activities to Enjoy with Your Family (Without Snow)

The winter season typically brings cold weather and shorter days with daylight transitioning into nighttime earlier than usual. Still, the wintertime invites us to enjoy a number of fun family activities despite the cold. Some snow activities may be fun if you already have the weather for it, but if you are still waiting for that great snowfall, consider these fun and festive winter activities for families.

Remember, family activities don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can find a number of lower budget plans or even free ideas for your family to enjoy this winter. Here are our top 10 winter activities for families:

1. Skating – Whether you choose an ice rink with public skate or a completely frozen pond to play a little family friendly game of ice hockey, ice skating is a fantastic family activity you can enjoy year after year.

2. Checking out the Christmas Lights – Take a drive or a short stroll through your neighborhood to look at the holiday displays around your town. Have each person pick a favorite house.

3. Holiday shopping – Go out shopping as a family to ensure everyone marks off their Christmas lists. Split up in a store or two if you need to shop for someone in your family without them seeing their presents.

4. Christmas cookie bake-off – No holiday tradition tastes as good as making homemade Christmas cookies as a family.

5. Get a family portrait – It may seem like a hassle, but years from now you will cherish the family holiday portraits you’ve gotten over the years.

6. Attend a holiday festival – Look at the local paper or online resources to find holiday festivals near you or take a little drive to somewhere you used to go as a child. As one example, Hershey Park is an amusement park in Pennsylvania that puts on a great holiday display called “Candy Lane” during the holiday season.

7. Ride the Christmas Train – Some towns have a holiday train ride, or Santa train, where you can bring your children for a fun experience they will remember for a lifetime.

8. Write a letter to Santa – Have your kids write letters to Santa and help them mail them to the North Pole. Do this far enough in advance that they may get a response in time for Christmas! Here are some ideas to get you started.

9. Make your own Christmas ornaments – You can make handprint and footprint ornaments with your little ones, or have older children paint Christmas balls or craft other decorations. These will make lovely gifts for family and friends!

10. Play Christmas music, decorate the tree, drink hot chocolate, and eat cookies – Does it get any better than this? You might also want to consider picking out a Christmas tree if your family opts for a live tree each year. You can have so much fun as a family, setting up the tree, decorating, and enjoying a festive snack.

Our minds are still swirling with other activities to enjoy as a family this holiday season. You can make handmade cards with the kids, or host a holiday party, visit lonely neighbors or elderly folks, or donate food to food pantries or gifts to Toys for Tots or other similar programs. Teaching your children while they are young, that Christmas is also a season of giving, can go a long way toward their future goodhearted efforts this time of year.

What other ideas do you have as far as family activities to enjoy in the winter? Please leave your favorite suggestions in our comments below. Happy Holidays!


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