Six Holiday Traditions to Try with Your Family

Christmas cookiesIt’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here. So many things on our to-do lists remind us daily that we’ve got a lot to do before the holiday arrives, from shopping and wrapping to baking, sending out Christmas cards, replying to holiday party invites, setting up the Christmas tree, decorating, and more. If you’ve already done some or all of this, you are definitely ahead of the game.

Despite all these holiday “chores,” it can be fun to have a few family traditions when it comes to the holidays. You and your loved ones can find a great number of holiday traditions to enjoy, with many that don’t cost much at all to do. Consider these suggestions for six holiday traditions to try with your family or significant other this year.

1. Bake Christmas cookies together.

2. Drive around to look at the holiday lights in your neighborhood.

3. Take a family photo for your holiday card.

4. Make a handmade Christmas ornament. (When you have a young baby, consider making a handprint or footprint ornament!)

5. Get your kids’ or pets’ picture with Santa Claus.

6. Spend Christmas morning at your own home so your kids can enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Christmas tree

Depending on your family’s favorite things and the neat holiday attractions near your home, you might find other holiday traditions to add to this list. You may also wish to set out cookies and milk for Santa with your kids after hanging your stockings by the fireplace with care. You might also want to visit a special holiday attraction if you live near such a thing, or simply enjoy Christmas breakfast as a family every year.

If you plan to split up the holiday with your family and your in-laws, you might want to factor in traditions for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, or the weekend before or the weekend after Christmas. Talk with your spouse or significant other about ideas you might have for a fun holiday tradition to try.

What other ideas do you have for a holiday tradition, or what traditions do you and your family enjoy year after year? Please share them in our comments below.


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