Tips on Surviving a Teething Baby

Baby smileJust when you think you’ve finally got this “being a parent” thing down, your baby throws you a curveball. She’s no longer sleeping through the night. She wakes you up three, four, five times, screaming, crying, just wanting to be held. You can tell something’s wrong but she isn’t able to tell you what. You check for a tooth. Again. Three, four, and five times a day. Still nothing. You see if she’s hungry, check her diaper. Nothing. It’s got to be the teeth. Sound familiar? I am going through it, too.

Our daughter is a very happy baby, at least most of the time. She’s been sleeping through the night since she was two and a half months old, what a blessing. Over the past week, she’s decided to stop sleeping through the night and wakes up crying or screaming as if in pain. As soon as we pick her up, she seems to go back to sleep, but once she feels us set her back down, all bets are off.

So how do you deal with a teething baby? We’ve been to the doctor and back and received a few recommendations on teething remedies. If your baby is teething too, try chilled teethers or water-filled teethers that you can put in the refrigerator to get nice and cool. You can hold them for her to help your baby learn to chew on them for some numbing relief. The pediatric nurse also said freezing a washcloth and letting the little ones chew on that can help to ease the discomfort of their teething gums.

Another mom I met a few months ago preferred natural teething remedies and had purchased a Baltic amber teething necklace for her daughter. She sang its praises, not truly sure why it worked, but sure that it did, in fact, ease her daughter’s teething pain. Some other teething baby remedies may include massaging the infant’s gums with your finger, or a product called the “Molar Muncher” for older babies and toddlers getting their back teeth.

Baby boy napping

Baby teething toys may be helpful in soothing and distracting from the sore gums. One thing to be wary of is anything medicated that you would topically apply to your baby ’s gums. I recently read a story about Baby Oragel where the numbing effect actually caused the infant to stop breathing for a short while, his face blue and all. It’s a terrifying thought, so be sure to check with your child’s doctor to be on the safe side.

If you start to notice the signs of a teething infant, be sure to speak with your pediatrician for advice on your son’s or daughter’s own teething needs. The good news is I’ve heard the first tooth is the worst. We are still waiting on our little girl to cut the first one, so we’ll believe it when we see it. Best of luck to all other moms and dads in getting through this trying phase!


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