Choosing a Christmas Tree – Apartment Size Possibilities

Apartment size Christmas TreeApartments shouldn’t be left out when you’re in the mood for decorating this time of the year. Sure it may be small, but as long as you have the motivation, you can make it look the part. The holidays are near, so why not take the time to bring something festive and fun home with you? And with this, I mean finding the perfect little Christmas tree for your apartment. Aside from holiday decorations for apartments, such as candles and wreaths, apartment size Christmas trees are a must.

Green or White?

There are two classic colors for Christmas trees— green and white. Get a mini tree in a medium size if you have the floor space so that you can set the gifts under the tree. No matter which apartment sized tree you choose, you will always have to buy ornaments for them. Balls, angels, stars, and candy canes are just a few things you can put on you tree. Ornaments stand out on white trees while the focus is on the presents for green ones.

Go Small

Smaller trees are adorable without even trying. Take your cue from tabletop trees that range from a foot to two feet tall. This works very well with very small apartments and studio type condominiums. Small trees are ideal if you lack the floor space. If you’re up for something funky, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree would be a fun variation. It comes with a little red ball and a smooth, light blue blanket— just like the one in the comic!

Be Creative

It’s not difficult to work with the things around your living space. Do you have plenty of books lying around? How about boxes? Some old Christmas cards, perhaps? Using your creativity here is what’s going to make it so much fun. Making your own Christmas tree gives you room to personalize your living space and make Christmas more “you.”

Just because you live in a small flat doesn’t mean you can’t have the same elegance of decoration as a grand manor. In fact, you can play up your décor as much as you wish. Here’s a tip, though: If you want more decorations, keep them small. If you’re fine with just a few pieces, larger ones will do. Do not put up too many large decorations because they will overwhelm your living space.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, cheerful, and decorative with your home. No matter how small it is, it deserves the same amount of details as you would a spacious home.


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