The Catwalk Collection by TIGI

TIGI Haute Iron spray

In case you’re not in the know, TIGI is a renowned hair care brand that offers the coolest variety of products. Of these, the most notable may be their Bed Head product line that helps perfect the I-rolled-out-of-bed-like-this look.

If you are desiring dramatic hairstyles like those of the designer fashion, I’d like to point you in the direction of the Catwalk line. This line has been seen on the runways for collections by Chris Benz, Laura Siegel, Ann Yee, and more. Catwalk by TIGI is not just limited to the coifs of supermodels; this collection is available for purchase and to find a home in your hair care collection.

I received two samples from the line to try out for myself- the Haute Iron Spray and the Finishing Hairspray. From start to finish, these products help create flawless looks with extra shine. With thin hair, I often run into problems of using too much product, but these two TIGI items were easy to use and to avoid over-using.

It’s so nice to have a haircare item that can multi-function! I know it’s sometimes silly to choose a product for the scent or any other secondary feature, but I find myself reaching for my TIGI sprays over others because I KNOW- without any doubt- the spray will not only disperse evenly, but will smell absolutely fabulous. The Haute Iron Spray and Finishing Spray feature Mandarin Patchouli Noir and Tobacco Flower Noir fragrances, respectively.

Use the Haute Iron Spray from the Sleek Mystique collection before using any heat tool. Although the product is noted to be designed for straight hair, I’ve had no problem using it when blow-drying or curling my hair. Designed to protect locks from heat, the ultra-fine spray coats hair to maintain moisture and protect color-treated hair.

TIGI Finishing Hairspray Avoid hair-don’ts from damage with irons and dryers and create smooth soft hair-dos with TIGI’s Haute Iron Spray. If that’s not enough to sell you yet, AND you style your hair daily, this product will also provide much needed strength and prevent overworked and weak hair.

After you’ve achieved your desired look, top it off with the Finishing Hairspray from TIGI’s Catwalk Session Series. Designed to give you brushable, flexible, long-lasting hold, this product is ideal for updos, curls, and creating volume.

The fine mist of the spray coats several layers of hair for a firm hold. The series of hairsprays are specially designed to go through layers of hair to create a bond that will hold every part of your style- not just the top. The Finishing Spray has a medium to high hold, depending on the thickness and texture of your hair.


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