Top 10 Mommy Meals to Make in 10 Minutes or Less

Grilled Sandwich – Sometimes grilled cheese just hits the spot. You can also add yummy extras in your grilled cheese, like a slice of ham or turkey, a few slices of tomato, or some bacon bits. Grill to perfection or use a Panini press to get those even more delicious golden creases in your sandwich! Grilled sandwiches can be a nice meal that warms your tummy, especially this time of year.

Quesadillas – Anytime we have leftover chicken, we usually end up making at least one round of chicken quesadillas. You can also make quesadillas with shrimp, steak, salmon, or almost anything you have on hand – that is the beauty of owning a quesadilla maker. I bought ours for $35 for a Cinco de Mayo party and haven’t looked back. (Other than to marvel at how many times over it’s been well worth the investment!

Easy Stir Fry – If you have pasta or rice, some kind of meat / poultry / seafood, and some kind of veggies, you are in luck. Warm up a little olive oil and a small pat of butter. Toss in some chopped garlic and simmer until tender, then add your meat selection. Some foods take longer to cook than others – make sure chicken is white all the way through, no pink, before adding your chopped veggies. Steam until tender yet still crisp. Add pasta or rice to your bowl first, then toss in some of your delicious stir fry! This meal can be longer or shorter than 10 minutes, depending on what you are cooking fresh and what you are using as leftovers. It is definitely one of my go-to quick and easy dinners to make on a time crunch.

Pasta ala Mom – Like my stir fry dinners, you can quickly whip up some pasta and toss with leftover chicken, a little ground beef, or some shrimp (we have some of the frozen, cleaned, cooked variety in our freezer). This works best if you have a little sauce already on hand, unless of course you don’t mind jar sauce. I always doctor up the jar sauce, so if I don’t have any already prepared, I usually turn to a quick scampi type sauce, which I make by melting a little butter, mixing with a little olive oil, some minced garlic, and a splash of lemon juice. Of course, this only really goes well with the shrimp or some kind of seafood, and you MIGHT be able to get away with it for chicken. (Chicken Scampi? Hmm… not sure on that one…)

Delivery – Hey every mom deserves a treat once in a while. If you are really stuck, consider ordering yourself a sandwich, salad, or Chinese food to get you through the day. Besides, you can probably get a load of wash done or scrub a few dishes while you wait for it to get there!


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