The Do’s and Don’ts of Stain Removal

Two things are at a premium for everyone these days- time and money. No one wants to spend more of either one of them on something that they don’t need or want to be doing.Stain removal tips (Photo courtesy of

Doing laundry, on the one hand, is a necessary evil. Yet, on the other hand, it provides the opportunity for pleasant experiences. Our clothing is a gateway to memorable occasions. How we look precludes compliments and admiring gazes.

Doing our laundry correctly ensures that our outfits are pristine in appearance and therefore, worthy of every compliment we receive. Stains that have not been properly treated mar the appearance of an outfit. Therefore, it is extremely important to treat stain removal seriously.

Below are a few vitally important tips to stain removal:
– Take action immediately.
– Blot or soak up any excess substance from the garment quickly.
– Read the care label of your garment for instructions on cleaning it.
– Use the specific directions as closely as possible for removing the stain.
– Follow the specific instructions on any cleaning agents that you use.
– Identify the stain’s origination if possible, and use stain specific tips for its removal.
– Always work from the outside of the stain towards the center of it.

– If the stain is stubborn, massage it as gently as possible to aid in its removal.
– If possible, test a piece of the fabric in an inconspicuous place before applying any cleaning solution.
– If you can not possibly treat the stain right away, use a pre-treating stain stick.
– If possible, line dry the clothing after rinsing it thoroughly. Then, if the stain is gone, re-wash the garment per the label’s instructions.

Wash your clothes effectively! (Photo courtesy of Clara Natoli)

Here are a few equally vital tips on what not to do:
– Never wait until the next day to begin treatment of the stain.
– Do not rub the stain as this spreads the stain, and creates a larger area of the fabric to treat.
– Never use hot water on a stain because this will set the stain.
– Avoid mixing cleaning solutions to treat a stain. Some combinations are toxic.
– Do not use bare hands to apply solvents or bleach.

– Avoid inhaling the fumes from any cleaning agents that you use.
– Do not place the garment in the dryer if you think the stain has not been completely removed.
– Do not attempt to remove the stain yourself if the garment label indicates dry clean only.

Following these quick and easy rules will keep your wardrobe looking good and you looking even better!

©2005 Susan M. Keenan

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