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Valentine’s Gifts to Daddy from his Little Girl

No bond comes close to the special relationship between a little girl and her daddy. Even from her earliest months before her first birthday, you can see the sparkle in her eyes as she looks at him or when he makes her laugh. Celebrate this special love by helping your daughter choose a Valentine’s gift for her daddy that he will cherish for years to come. Consider these Valentine’s gifts for dad from his daughter to make sure your entire family has a special time this February 14.

No matter what your budget, you can find or create lovely Valentine’s Day gifts for daddy, even at the last minute.

Valentine’s Gifts from Infant Daughter to Daddy
A little baby may not know how to gift her dad a gift this Valentine’s Day, aside from a sweet smile or a loving look, but you as mom can give her the help she needs to give dad a very special gift. Consider these Valentine’s Day gifts to dad from a baby daughter:

* Handmade Valentine – Get out the construction paper, lace, glue, paint, and glitter, and have fun. You can put your little daughter’s handprint or footprint on a paper heart and decorate it for your husband to mark your baby’s first Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to put the date and sign her name!

* Salt Dough Handprint or Footprint in a heart – Use a basic salt dough recipe and a large heart cookie cutter (or carve a heart with a dull knife). Gently press your baby’s handprint or footprint into the dough and use a toothpick or other small implement to add her name and the date. Bake as directed. Once cooled, paint however you like and seal with Modge Podge. Consider inserting a paper clip before baking if you would like to allow your heart to hang, or leave it as is for a paperweight style heart.

Valentine’s Gifts from Toddler or Young Daughter to Daddy

Toddlers and little ones get into everything! Take advantage of that and make her daddy’s Valentine’s Day a special one with some irreplaceable memories. Here are some gift ideas from a toddler girl to her daddy on Valentine’s Day:

* Handmade Valentine – Let your daughter make her own Valentine with any craft supplies you both so desire. Help her to cut and glue, but let her design everything the way she wants it. Help her to sign her name and take a picture of her holding it up, for a special bonus to the gift.

* Make a Video – Have your daughter do something cute or funny and make a video of it on your phone or Flip Video camera. You and her daddy both will love having this special footage years from now.

* Finger Paint Picture – Let your little daughter make her daddy a picture of her choosing using a fun craft supply like finger paint. Be sure to help her sign her name.

* Cookies – What dad doesn’t love cookies? Make some homemade chocolate chip cookies or other favorites with your daughter and help her wrap them up for Dad. You may have to do most of the work, but let her add the sprinkles or sugar sparkles on top so he can see right away that she helped.

Here are some more ideas from older daughters…

Valentine’s Gifts from Preteens to Dad

As kids get older, the style of gifts to their parents seems to go through a change. Those sweet, sentimental gifts sometimes change to sweet treats and salty snacks, among other things. Here are some ideas from older daughters to give their dads on Valentine’s Day:

* Create a CD or Music Playlist – Whether Dad uses an iPod or simply plays music from a CD player in his car, you can create a playlist of tunes you think he will love. Save it on a CD, an iPod playlist, or a memory card, depending on how he accesses his music, and explain to him why you chose the songs you did.

* Brownies, Cookies, or other treats – Lots of dads love sweets, so play into this by baking your dad his favorite cookies, brownies, or other Valentine’s Day treats to enjoy. You might also consider making him chocolate covered pretzels that will be lots of fun to decorate, or any other fun treat you can imagine.

* Candy – Not all families celebrate Valentine’s Day, or even in a big way, so consider picking out a candy bar for your dad the next time you are in the checkout line. He will definitely appreciate your sweet gesture.

Valentine’s Gifts from Grown Daughters to Dad

Not all grown daughters exchange Valentine’s gifts with their dads, especially when they have their own families to raise and enjoy. Consider one of these sweet gestures once in a while to show your dad how much you still care:

* Create a Photo Album – Put together a small album with some of your favorite photos from your childhood, a few from different ages, and then some from now with your current family, if you are at that point in life. Your dad will love the trip down memory lane!

* Make a Handmade Valentine with your kids – Help your little ones make something special for Grandpop to show how much they love him!

* Cookies – As stated earlier, what dad DOESN’T love cookies? You really can’t go wrong here unless he is trying to watch his sugar or calories, in which case, proceed with caution.

Valentine Sentiments from Daughters of Any Age

No matter what the age of the daughter, the truth is that dads love feeling special. Whether you call him to wish him well and let him know he’s on your mind, or actually go to the trouble of buying, making, or baking something, the dad in your life will smile on the inside and out when you wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, whether you create your own paper Valentine, or choose one off the shelf in Hallmark, remember that it really is the thought that counts!


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