Graduation Sentiments, Messages, and Congratulatory Remarks for Cards


Graduation Thoughts and Wishes for a Boyfriend or Girlfriend (or Fiancé / Fiancée)

Whether you graduate together, at different schools, or during different years, graduation is an important time in your relationship together. Be sure to take some pictures together if you are fortunate enough to be present during the ceremony and festivities, and consider these ideas for graduation wishes and sentiments:

– Share your feelings on all you’ve experienced together so far, and how promising the future looks for more exciting times together.

– Keep it short and sweet by saying “Happy Graduation” on the card and include a handwritten love note describing a few things you love about your significant other.

– Say how happy your sweetheart makes you and that you’re proud of his or her accomplishments.

– If you’re in a new romance, congratulate the graduate and let him or her know you’re looking forward to celebrating this summer.

Graduation card personal commentsSweet or Funny Words for a Brother or Sister upon Graduation

Graduations within the family mark an important time in growth, development, and achievement for brothers and sisters alike. The graduate surely appreciates the support of the big sisters, big brothers, and younger sisters and younger brothers alike. Each position in the family carries a different dynamic, so the graduation messages may be unique upon your relationship with your graduating brother or sister. Consider these sentiments to share in a graduation card:

– Express how you’ve been through a lot together and things are only getting better and more exciting with each passing year.

– Note how you’ve seen your sibling graduate kindergarten, 8th grade, (high school?) and now this!

– Share compassion, words of love, and uplifting thoughts for how life keeps getting better.

– Give words of encouragement from your own been there, done that experience.

– Include a joke or a bit of friendly sarcasm – Welcome to the real world, now get a J.O.B., or Congratulations on your graduation… you’ve successfully left behind the days of sleeping in, going out to the bar for all hours, and playing sports and goofing around all day. Welcome to the world of jobs, meetings, and responsibility. (or a similar comment)

Graduation Message to a Friend

When friends graduate, they hold a lot of special moments and funny memories close to heart and mind. Take some time to write down a few of your favorite shared experiences and include whatever will make your friend smile on this important day.

– Share a mutual dream or goal for the future of your friendship, whether this summer or an ongoing idea.

– Include an inside joke or two, or document a funny story and how it relates to graduation or the next chapter in your friend’s life.

– Express how your friendship will endure no matter how many miles come between you.

– Joke about the “best years” of your lives being behind you according to popular belief, but don’t forget the “JK” and then add a more upbeat comment. Say how you’ll both have to forge ahead and ensure many more “best years” contrary to the sentiment that college is the best 4 years ever. Find a new flavor of “best”!

No matter if your beloved graduate is moving on to college, to a job, or simply to the “real world,” you can find a lot of nice, encouraging, and memorable things to say in his or her honor. Take some time to think about your relationship with the graduate you want to congratulate, write down a rough draft of your graduation message in case you change your mind or think of something better, and then write out the good copy of your message on the graduation card.

If you won’t see your graduate on the day of graduation, you can also send a graduation e-card, e-mail, or a text message wishing the graduate a wonderful day and a bright future. What other ideas do you have for a graduation message to someone you love?


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