things to do with kids on rainy days

15 Things to Do with Kids on Rainy Days

Outside Rain Activities for Toddlers

If you are energetic enough to brave the elements, here are a few outdoor rainy day activities to enjoy with a toddler:

Play in the Puddles – What child doesn’t love splashing and jumping around in puddles?! Make sure your little one has rain boots or galoshes and let the fun begin. Bring along a camera and an umbrella for some cute pictures and get to it! For even more memorable fun, put on your own rain boots and join in the puddle jumping.

Outdoor rainy day activities for toddlersPut Pinwheels outside and then come back inside. – If the rain is just a bit of drizzle, you can stand outside on the porch or just outside the door with your hoods covering your heads. Watch the beautiful display of color as the rain and wind spin the pinwheels or spinning daisies round and round. 

Sing Songs in the Rain. – Sit on the porch or in some sheltered area where you can see and experience the rain without getting soaked. Ask your little guy or girl about favorite songs and start singing! Don’t forget cute classics like Rubber Ducky and Splish Splash (I Was Taking a Bath). Consider other things to do with kids on rainy days, like playing “I Spy” or looking for items that start with different letters of the alphabet.

Go Fishing – They say some of the best fishing days are the rainy or overcast ones. If the weather slows down to a drizzle, consider heading over to your favorite fishing spot with your little one, rod, and tackle box in tow. Things to do with kids on rainy days don’t always have to keep you dry! Just be wary of any thunder or lightning and be sure to stay inside if either occurs.

Wait for the Rain to Stop, and then Go Look for Rainbows. – Of course, timing is everything here, but see if it works out in your favor. Your little one will be amazed at the beautiful rainbow display if you are fortunate enough for it to appear before you. If not, you can always create an artificial rainbow with the garden hose once the sun comes back out!

Treasure Hunt – Make up a fun game where you are pirates on a treasure hunt amidst the stormy seas. Hide some Mardi Gras beads, plastic coins, or other “treasures” outside and go on a hunt to find them. You can also pretend you have a treasure map to help you find the jewels, coins, and gold treasure. This is one of those things you can do with your kids that will likely live on in their memories for years to come!

These things to do with kids on rainy days should be suitable for parents as well as grandparents, aunts and uncles, or even babysitters to enjoy with a young girl or boy. Consider these indoor rainy day activities as well as outdoor rainy day activities for toddlers to ensure you have a fun and exciting day. Also, feel free to check out more of our favorite things to do on a rainy day or share your own suggestions for toddler-friendly rain activities in our comments below.

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