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Contrary to popular belief, flirting isn’t all about batting your eyelashes and flipping your hair over your shoulder. To truly express your interest playfully to a potential dating partner, your best bet is to relax and be yourself. If you are shy, flirting may not come naturally, but with a little practice, you can be a smooth and natural flirt. Here are some tips on dating and flirting techniques that can help you get close to a new love interest.

The Basics of Flirting
Flirting can be fun but it can also give people the wrong idea. Even if you have the very best intentions, flirting can get you into trouble with the wrong people. It is very important to use discretion when flirting so you don’t lead someone on, making them believe you’re interested when you’re really not.

Depending on your comfort levels, there are many flirting techniques that you can try. Body language, strong eye contact, and coy or playful remarks are just a few. Read on for some more specific examples of how you can flirt with someone you like.


Body Language and its Universal Dictionary
One of the most popular and commonly used flirting techniques is simple and innocent body contact. Gently touch your love interest on the hand or arm as you laugh or animatedly tell them something. This can be especially moving if you whisper and make eye contact while lightly touching their arm.

If you happen to be on a date, flirting may come a bit easier. It’s a great move for guys to casually slip their arm around a girl during a movie, or for girls to jump during the scary part of a flick and grab the guy’s hand or arm. Holding hands is a huge, telltale sign that romantic interest is there. A subtle yet riveting flirting technique in response to handholding is a gentle caress by your thumb on the other person’s hand.

Lock Eyes and Watch Sparks Fly
Truth be told, there’s nothing like really good eye contact when it comes to flirting. When passion runs deep, a single gaze from the one you like can make you feel like the only person in the room, even if there are dozens of other people around. Catch your love interest’s eye and try holding his or her gaze for as long as you can muster. Lengthened eye contact is like foreplay and can lead to even greater moments of flirting as you spend more time together.

Whether you know it or not, your eyes have a language of their own. The manner in which you look at someone or something can speak volumes for what you’re thinking. From rolling your eyes to zoning in on a particular physical feature, using eye contact as a flirting technique tends to be highly successful for many people. In fact, it is one of the very first things that drew me to my husband! We’ve had incredible eye contact from the start and our flirting with each other has only grown ever since.

Know Your Boundaries, and Keep Them
Sometimes it is hard to tell if someone likes you back, especially if your intended partner is timid or shy. As you begin flirting with someone, try to watch for physical cues and listen for verbal cues to see if your interest is reciprocated. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t distinguish whether you’ve met your match or not. Even if things don’t work out, you still get to practice flirting and getting to know new people.

As you practice flirting with people, always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t flirt with strangers in strange places. If you meet someone new at a bar or other public place, make sure you put your own safety before your desire to get to know someone new. For your safety, consider asking for their phone number or giving them yours rather than going somewhere alone with someone you’ve just met.

As you enhance your flirting ability and skills, you may find yourself more willing to try new flirting techniques or to attempt more intense actions. If you aren’t getting a positive reaction to your flirting after a couple attempts, it may be a good time to throw on the brakes and tone down the intensity. For example, if you’ve been sending verbal cues or strong eye contact to a girl or guy without response, don’t take things to the next step with a touch on the arm or leg. Sometimes coming on too strong can scare away a potential love interest before you even get to know each other!

Once you do have a steady significant other, make a conscious effort to focus all your flirting techniques on your partner!

Here Are Eight Basic Flirting Tips to Try…

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