How to Straighten Hair with a Flat Iron

If you’ve ever wondered how to straighten your hair at home or if you’re searching for answers on how to use a flat iron, you’ve come to the right place. Flat irons can make straightening a breeze!Once you learn a few tips and tricks about how to straighten hair with a flat iron at home, you should have an easy time taking your hair from curly or wavy to smooth and straight. And, to give you a good start, we’ve got first-hand tips from FHI Heat’s Artistic Director Les Haverty, who has kindly shared some great at-home hair straightening techniques as well as tips on how to use a flat iron.

Read on for tips on at-home hair straightening and flat iron tips from the pros!

“The best tip for new users to this technology would be to section hair and use clips to keep hair that is not being styled with the tool out of the way,” says Les Haverty, Artistic Director of FHI Heat Professional Hair Tools. “I always request younger clients to use tools that have a heat control thermostat and start at 370 degrees (Fahrenheit), as they can always add more heat if needed by turning it up. I hate tools that don’t give an actual temperature rating and have thermostats labeled by 1 – 10 for example, as we don’t know what 1 or 10 actually is in terms of degrees F.”

To learn how to straighten hair with a flat iron and especially how to use a flat iron, you will want to set aside some time to practice. It’s best not to try your at-home hair straightening techniques for the very first time on the same day as a particularly important special event such as your prom, a wedding, or another formal event. Once you practice your hair straightening techniques, you should be able to straighten your hair with a flat iron beautifully and effectively in a reasonable amount of time.

How to Use a Flat Iron: Different hair types and styles call for different hair straightening techniques.
Over time, you may adopt your own favorite hair straightening techniques. If you are a beginner at straightening your hair or if this is your first time learning how to use a flat iron, take your time and read the instructions on the packaging. Hair straightening techniques should become easier in time, and you may discover that some techniques and products in particular work better for straightening your hair than others.

“On longer bohemian styles that look lived-in but still finished, I recommend using a large paddle brush during the blow out phase of the style,” Haverty says. “For the trendier bob style, I like using a medium sized round brush for the blow out and then finish the longer pieces around the face with a flat iron to ensure sleek longevity of the style.”

Ceramic ionic hair appliances deliver a silky sheen and smooth texture to hair when blown dry or straightened. If you are not using a ceramic ionic tool, Haverty suggests using styling products along with the flat iron to perfect your hair straightening technique.

“Using most products when thermal styling with tools that are ceramic ionic in nature can help on humid days for frizz control,” he notes. “I like FHI Heat’s hot sauce applied at the ends and mid strands on those dreadful days.”

How to Use a Flat Iron to Straighten Hair
Follow these steps to use a flat iron to straighten your hair:

1. Comb a small section of hair.
2. Place the flat iron as close to the scalp as possible on that small section of hair.
3. Close the flat iron and keep a light grip.
4. Pull the flat iron downward and away from the scalp gently and evenly, allowing the hair to glide effortlessly between the ceramic plates.
5. Repeat this process (steps one through four) as needed through the rest of your hair.

TIP: You can create flips, twists, and curls with your flat iron merely by changing the way you hold and move the device. Use the flat iron to create these other styles by twisting your wrist as needed. You may need to experiment to get it just right!

Chemical Straightening vs. At-Home Hair Straightening Techniques
Chemical straightening in the salon tends to be permanent when performed on hair. At-home hair straightening can become a fairly routine part of your daily repertoire, especially with the assistance of a flat iron and various styling products.

Haverty suggests that at-home hair straightening can be effective and safe for hair when performed properly. He advises clients to straighten and style their hair using a flat iron at 370 degrees Fahrenheit, increasing the temperature of the hair appliance if necessary. Straightening hair with a flat iron is much easier with temperature control, he says, mentioning the FHI Heat platform or technique series as great options for anyone who wishes to straighten their hair.

Thanks to the slender and sleek design of flat irons, you can easily pack your flat iron for travel. You can straighten your hair with a flat iron at home or when you go away for business or on vacation. Once you learn how to use a flat iron and adopt a few hair straightening techniques and tips, you’ll be well on your way to effortless hairstyling!

Benefits of Straightening Hair with a Flat Iron…

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