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Top Ten Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples of All Ages

Sometimes taking a week-long vacation isn’t an option. That’s when romantic weekend getaways for couples can really do the trick to recharge your batteries and reignite the spark that brought you together. No matter where you live, there’s bound to be dozens of wonderful places where you can enjoy a romantic weekend getaway.

Consider these ideas for a weekend or an extended weekend away, and you may find yourself the perfect excuse to leave home and enjoy a new and romantic destination within a reasonable drive from your home. Here are my top ten romantic weekend getaways for couples of all ages.

Top 10 Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples

1. Hide away at a quaint Bed and Breakfast. No matter where you live, there’s bound to be an adorable, unusual, or elegant Bed and Breakfast near enough to suit your search for weekend escapes. You will both enjoy the intimate and relaxing setting that a Bed and Breakfast provides, offering you seclusion and time just for the two of you. Enjoy the meals, explore the countryside, and spend time focusing on each other.

2. Immerse yourself in the finer things in your nearest wine country. Wine in and of itself embodies a fine element of romance. To amplify that feeling to exponential form, plan a romantic couples weekend getaway at your nearest wine country and check out several of the different wineries. If you can find a Bed and Breakfast or a cottage for rent within a reasonable walking distance of the wineries, all the better! If you simply can’t spare the expense to travel to a wine region, consider picking up a few varietals at your local wine and spirits store and then plan and prepare a wine tasting of your own.

3. Hit the slopes… or the slides. If you and your significant other are a couple of regular snow bunnies, head off to the slopes where you can really enjoy a romantic weekend excursion. Glide down the mountain, hold hands on the chair lift, and sip hot chocolate by the fire inside the cozy lodge. If skiing isn’t in season, consider visiting a water park to relive some of your childhood fun. The slides and wave pools can be a great way to cool off on a hot day.

4. Soak up the sun, wade into the surf, and relax on the sand. For many people, the beach is a must-see destination each and every time the summer rolls around. If you can get to the seashore conveniently from your hometown, make sure you pack your camera and plenty of sunblock. You can ride the waves, walk out in to the ocean, stroll along the sandy shores and search for seashells during this classic romantic weekend getaway for couples, families, or singles alike.

5. Sneak away to a romantic couples resort. If you really want some special time to yourselves, book yourselves some intimate accommodations at a couples resort or at a posh resort that offers romantic couples packages. You might spend some time taking tennis lessons together, or visiting the spa for a romantic couples massage. Perhaps you won’t even want to leave your room! Depending on the nature of your accommodations, your room might even have its own private Jacuzzi.

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6. Go for a secluded retreat in the mountains. Rustic destinations offer so much to the outdoor enthusiast as well as the artist, the wordsmith, or just about anyone who likes to get away from it all. Enjoy a hike with your sweetheart through some gorgeous trails and paths, or explore the other wonderful things that nature has to offer. Grab a pair of binoculars and pack a picnic lunch for a nice afternoon of bird-watching… you may even get to scope out some other wildlife! Finish your day by visiting an intimate eatery for a beer and some dinner, followed by snuggling up in front of a campfire with some s’mores. What more could you want in a romantic couples weekend getaway?

7. Let loose for some adventure and go camping. Pack up a cooler of food and some dry goods, and grab your hiking boots, bug spray, and whatever other camping necessities you might need. Pack a tent or rent a cabin and prepare for an outdoors adventure. You can enjoy fishing, hiking, exploring, and best of all, campfires! Oh, and where else can you sleep under the stars, surrounded by an absolutely beautiful canopy of nature?

8. Rent a houseboat and investigate the catch of the day. If you can’t seem to find a location renting houseboats, a cottage on the lake will do just fine. Enjoy your time together relaxing on the water. Try your skills at fishing or just cruise around and share a picnic luncheon. As the day wears on, make sure you find the perfect spot to watch the sun go down.

9. Try a cowboy hat on for size and head over to the ranch. Horseback riding is a fabulous couples’ activity for longtime lovers as well as budding new romances. You can enjoy the scenery and the excitement of the ride, all memories you can keep with you for a lifetime. Horseback riding offers a fun and athletic option for couples of just about any age, so get out there and get back on the horse!

10. Take a chance and head over to the casino. Find out if you are lucky in cards or just lucky in love. Spend some time next to your sweetheart on the slots, or ante up at your favorite card game. If your luck is running low, maybe it’s time to migrate to your hotel room for some room service and your own private game of cards or dice.

Editor’s Note: Gambling and drinking alcohol can become addicting. Performing these activities in moderation is best. Each of these top ten suggestions may not be the right match for every person who reads this article, so please use discretion as you plan any and all of your romantic weekend getaways for couples!

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