Dating Strategies 101: Playing Hard to Get

…don’t let yourself be too available. Nothing is wrong with answering the phone on the first ring, but don’t sit around waiting for it. Go to yoga class, bake some cookies, shoot some hoops with friends, catch a flick, visit a relative or just plain get out of the house and do something. If you are eating dinner, watching a movie or television program or in the shower, let your voicemail pick up the message.

By filling your schedule with things you would like to do anyway and making time for your new squeeze, you let your new love know that he or she is to you, but that you have a life outside of your romantic endeavors. This is so important later down the line.

The same also applies to committed relationships. Perhaps you’ve been dating for a number of years, and while your relationships isn’t by any means stale, it may not be quite as exciting as it once was. One simple remedy is to play hard to get – even though your mate’s already got you! Make plans with your friends for a night out that doesn’t involve anyone’s dates. Plan a girls’ night out to dinner or the movies. Plan a guys’ night out to an exciting sporting event or concert. Remember that time apart from your honey doesn’t mean you love each other any less.

That little bit of added space between you every now and again only helps in intensifying the other’s desire for you. Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Let me ask you this. If you snuggle up with your loved one every evening, and then all of a sudden you are going to sleep in a cold bed alone, will you miss him or her? No doubt about it.

So when you delve into a new relationship or as you seek a way to revive your current one, get a little devious, a little sexy and play a little bit hard to get. You and your partner might just benefit from a little game of cat and mouse!

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