Anything for Love – Love Is for the Dogs

I don’t know if it’s the craziest thing I’ve done for love, but it’s definitely the stupidest. I had been dating Jeff for a couple of months, and I felt pretty sure that things were moving toward getting serious. He went out of town for a couple of weeks on business, and then called to invite me up to visit him one weekend. When I said yes, he asked me if I would bring the dog along since he was really missing him.

Sport had been staying with me since Jeff had been gone. Since the dog had a penchant for chewing things (my favorite shoes, the corner of the bathroom door jamb, my comforter … he’d even bitten me twice!), I was more than happy to take him with me rather than search for somewhere to board him while I drove the two hours and spent the weekend with my new boyfriend! Certainly, none of my friends were going to take the monster in.

Well, in the week before I left to see him, the list of things he wanted me to bring with me grew longer and longer. Not to mention stranger! He was just going to be there another couple of weeks, so I couldn’t help but wonder why he needed things like his bedroom pillows, his blender, and one of the chairs to his dining room set. He explained that he was staying somewhere devoid of anything personal, and it was really getting to him, so I loaded the trunk and back seat of my car on Saturday morning, and the dog and I set out on the drive to see Jeff.

The anticipation was electric. I could hardly wait to see him again. Until I got there, and he met me outside with an unenthusiastic embrace and began unloading things from the car and setting them on the lawn of a small duplex. When my car was completely devoid of his belongings, Jeff stood there with his dog’s leash in hand, and proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t coming back. In fact, he was moving in with a woman he’d met while there on business.

He had actually gotten me to pretty much move for him on the pretense that we were still a couple! As I started to pull away, the new girlfriend joined him in the front yard. In my rearview mirror, I watched as she crouched down in front of that horrible dog of his and let him lick her entire face. I spent the drive home fantasizing about the first time that little angel she was cooing over destroyed her purse and all of its contents.

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