Anything for Love – Dare to Be Deflated

I’m afraid that the craziest thing I’ve ever done for love might qualify me as a stalker in some states.

Ryan was in one of my college classes, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get him to give me a second glance. I heard that he was going to have a party at the house he shared with two roommates one weekend, and I moved heaven and earth to wrangle an invitation. I’d heard that Ryan didn’t have a girlfriend, but he was so busy with the ladies that night that it seemed like every time I saw him, he was with a different girl. I left the party at 1 a.m. because he’d disappeared for the night, and I hadn’t even been able to say five words to him the whole time I was there.

In a last-ditch effort to get access to him, I devised a plan. Fairly early on a Sunday morning, I drove by his house to make sure his car was parked there and he was in the house, and then I parked my car on the shoulder of a fairly deserted road about a mile away. I produced a steak knife from the glove compartment (and no, I’m not kidding!), and I plunged it into my right front tire. Then I walked the mile to Ryan’s house and knocked on the door.

I’d practiced what I was going to say the whole way there. I’d partied too hard the night before and had to crash on someone’s sofa, then got a little lost on the way home. When my tire went flat, I realized I’d left my cell phone behind, but thankfully I realized I was close to the house where I’d attended a party a couple of weeks earlier and could go there for help. I’d even left my cell phone behind so that I wasn’t nailed in the lie.

I remember thinking at the time, in my young college-aged mind, that it was a brilliant plan. What I hadn’t thought of was the possibility that he’d gone out with his roommates, in one of their cars, and they had collectively stayed out all night. I knocked and knocked on the door until my knuckles ached, then walked around and looked into windows. Every room was empty. I sat on the front porch for three hours waiting for someone to come home, which they never did.

The silver lining to this thunderstorm cloud was that their next-door neighbor saw me and when she heard my flat tire story, she fetched her husband to give me a ride back to my car. He even changed the tire for me.

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