Classy and Sophisticated Fashion Tips for Mature Women

No matter what our age, we all like to look classy and beautiful. Look sophisticated at any age! (Fashions by Nancy & Co.)As women grow older, the need for new clothes and fashionable, sophisticated accessories does not become any less important. Fashions for classy, mature women can still be breath-taking, and they don’t have to be excessively trendy or overly matronly. Read on for some classy and sophisticated fashion tips for mature women.

Would you take fashion advice from a New York fashion icon who sold hot-pants to Jackie O? If you want a sophisticated and classy mature style for your wardrobe, you might as well hear us out and arrive at your own conclusion!

We’ve got a number of stylish and chic fashion tips for mature women to review in order to update their wardrobes to include tasteful and beautiful fashions. Older in terms of age does not equate to older in terms of how you feel or how you look. In fact, we are big fans of the adage, “you are only as old as you feel.” And with that in mind, we’d like to suggest the following classy fashion tips for mature women, compliments of Nancy Schneider, a New York City boutique owner.

“Forget the pantsuits and pearls!”
Nancy says, “Older women don’t need to be so stuffy as far as pantsuits and pearls – instead they can be a little funky, but the ‘right kind’ of funky and edgy – like separates. You can wear what’s trendy but adaptable to your age. Pick up the trend but not in the same way your children would!”

“Scarves are a must-have,”
Nancy suggests, “Be sure not to show your décolletage or wear low necklines because of neck wrinkles – and be careful not to look ‘crepe-y’ – wear a scarf around your neck, or a turtleneck!”

Look chic no matter what your age! (Fashions by Nancy & Co.)“Don’t wear a lot of heavy knits because they can be hot,” Nancy cautions. “Wear the right weight of fabric. Avoid wool – look for viscose and other fine yarns that don’t have wool in them. Nancy & Co. specializes in that.”

“Make sure to layer so you can take off your cardigan – this goes for any season,” she adds. “You can ‘peel’ away layers while you are indoors.”

When it comes to shoes, go for comfort and style. “Women have feet problems as they get older, so you can find comfortable but chic shoes like a sneaker with a little flair,” she notes. “It’s very important to really care for your feet.”

“A tailor goes a long way,”
Nancy states. “Fit is your best friend and any piece you buy should be taken to the seamstress and tailored to perfection. Mature women know better than to opt for ill-fitting garb.”

Disguise or hide figure flaws. Mature women often look to hide figure flaws like the proverbial ‘batwings,’ which are jiggly arms! There are easy ways to hide this, like the ‘4 S’s’, which are scarves, shrugs, sweaters, and shawls.”

Classy and sophisticated fashions for mature women are ever changing with the times, yet many styles are timeless as long as they remain comfortable. Nancy Schneider’s Web site mentions that sweater jackets, sweater coats, and sweater dresses will be popular in the fall. She also recommends strong, jewel-toned colors for a vibrant look.

Here are a few examples of fashions for mature and sophisticated women:

Scarves and shawls: Viscose shawl, Azuri Pashmina Shawl, Azuri Silk Charmeuse Scarf

Shoes: Easy Spirit Women’s Sport Lace-up, Columbia Women’s Sun Trax Sandal, K-Swiss Women’s Stiliks

As you prepare to add some classy new garments to your wardrobe, keep in mind that comfort is just as important as style. Find sophisticated fashions that make you look as good as you feel. Take the time to try on items and consider taking a friend or family member to the stores with you as you search for the perfect mature, attractive fashions.

About the Expert: Nancy Schneider is a New York City fashion icon, making her mark for more than 40 years. Schneider owns a chain of boutiques called Nancy & Co. You can visit her shops online at

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