Anything For Love – A Not-So Perfect End to the Perfect Day

“Gosh! What a beautiful sunset…” Marie sighed as she dipped her toes in the cool, aqua colored water. They stroked across the surface, creating miniature ripples in the ocean. Everything was so perfect; I was relaxed in my oversized Marathon 2007 tee, and watching the sunset, with my best friend in the whole universe.

I flipped my jumbled locks of oatmeal colored hair and leaned back, enjoying the sunset, fading into brilliant shades of coral, chocolate, and firebrick. Suddenly, out of the corners of my pale blue eyes, I spotted him. He was sporting this wonderful navy blazer with a shiny zipper that ran like railroad tracks all the way down to his khaki cargo shorts. His hair was perfectly groomed, and his eyes sparkled like a pearl from the sea.

As I sat up from the boardwalk that outstretched into the Atlantic Ocean, I casually pulled off my oversized tee, bearing a skinny waist with a tight navy blue bikini. “Gabby, what on earth are you doing? You know how cold the water is!” my completely down to earth friend snapped.

I winked at her and then nodded my head over to where he was.

“Ohhhh, Ooooo lala! I get it now!” she whispered to me. Then she started talking in a voice that was only needed for a KISS concert, “So, Gabby, I dare you to jump in on 3 ok?” Marie winked, trying to make me look good.

I followed along. “Sure, I don’t mind!” I smirked as I got a running start. My eyes shifted over to him who was watching back at the shore. I started to gallop towards the end of the boardwalk, my arms where doing there own thing, flailing through the air as I galloped at horse speed.

Soon enough, I came to the edge. I squatted down, feeling a burn run through my thighs, and dove into the crystal water. I could feel a smile emerge on my face as I floated back to the top. But my smile faded when I saw everyone laughing, and bursting into hysterics.

I glanced around, “Did I do something?” I asked as I swam over to Marie.

Marie giggle-blushed and reached over to me, pulling off a bundle of seaweed and a family of crabs that had shuffled into my hair when I dove. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t feel that horrid mass on top of my sun-bleached hair!

As I began to get out, and sprint home as fast as I could, Marie shrieked. “WATCH OUT!”

I was too exhausted to react quickly enough, and I paid the price. A slimy blob of purple goo had stung my left ankle, leaving it swollen. It looked like a huge zit about as big as a baseball, about ready to pop. The pain was intense. All I wanted to do was look good diving into the water and impress him, but by the disgusted look on his face by my “zit” I don’t think we will ever have a chance again.

From then on I decided, to make the boy impress you, you shouldn’t have to impress the boy.

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