Anything for Love: Crossing Lines

She picked up the phone and dialed, hoping his wife was at work. He answered. He gave her the brush off.

Things were not right at his house but maybe in the future things could work out for them.

She said, “Oh…..that’s okay.”  She couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth.

Her husband walked into the bedroom. She quickly hung up the phone. “Who was on the phone”, he asked. “No one”, she said.

All day long she pretended that everything was fine. It was not! 

She brewed and stewed all night long. She thought about all those beautiful love letters he sent to her at her own post box.

It was not adultery, but certainly, an emotional affair of the heart. Was it worse?

At every crisis she encountered, he would magically show up.  She would wish for him and instant, presto, he
would appear.

Was it fate?

Now her blood was raging with fiery revenge. She would get him back.

She thought about how wonderful he was back in high school. So handsome, charming, diplolmatic, a real heart-breaker. Now she remembered how, even with all those good qualities, he couldn’t stop looking for something better to love.

Morning came. She dressed quickly and got into her car. She drove to his house and arrived about 6:45 a.m. Around the block she drove until she found a pay phone. 

She phoned him. The wife picked up the phone. Nastily she said, “Who ARE you”. She told her.

He got on the phone and tried to gently tell her how he only wanted to be friends. She thought about all those love letters he had sent her signed, I love you, Betsy. This infuriated her. They were talking over one another. He hung up on her.

She got back into her car, drove to his house and knocked on his front door. Betsy she thought, now you have done “Anything for Love”??

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