Classy and Sophisticated Perfumes and Fragrances for Mature Women

Estee Lauder Sensuous (Available at sexy hairstyles and hot fashion tips, seductive perfume and fragrance options for older women are among the top ways to revamp your impression of yourself as well as how others perceive you.

Sophisticated and mature women want a fragrance that implies sexy, compassionate, sensuous, and fun. As women grow older, their fashion, style, and beauty preferences don’t go away – they just get better with age! Read on for tips on choosing a fresh and sophisticated perfume or fragrance just for you.

The truth is, older women can have just as much fun as they did ten, twenty, or even fifty years ago. Getting dolled up and dressing for the occasion never goes out of style, and choosing a classy and sophisticated perfume or fragrance to accent your outfit is a great idea for any season. Just because you may not wear the same style of clothing, the same hairstyle, or the same perfume as you did years ago, you can still exhibit excellent taste with the elegant style you still possess.

When it comes to finding the perfect classy fragrance, you may want to experiment, or consult a cosmetics specialist. Chances are, you’ll have much more fun visiting the stores and trying different fragrances until you find a sophisticated scent to suit you.

Older women often fall in love with the finer things in life – delicious wines, fancy jewelry, impeccable fashion, expert skincare products, and of course, killer shoes. Fragrance is no different – and with many mature, classy, and sophisticated perfumes available, it’s no wonder the decision process can be a trying one.

Midnight Poison by Christian Dior (Available at Quinlan, Vice President of Fragrance Evaluation at Firmenich, says that many of the more sophisticated fragrances are intended for people willing to invest in a fragrance for long-term use rather than a ‘limited edition’ – often older women with a keen sense of fashion and style, and a true appreciation for the finer things in life.

Quinlan’s recommendations for sophisticated and mature women and for sexy older women include:

•    Estee Lauder Sensuous
•    Estee Lauder Pleasures
•    Estee Lauder Private Collection – Tuberose Gardenia
•    Jo Malone Orange Blossom
•    Carolina Herrera 212
•    Guerlain Bois d’Ambre
•    Dior – Midnight Poison
•    Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise

While I have yet to own any of these personally, I do absolutely adore the Estee Lauder Pleasures fragrance. I still remember its delightful aroma wafting from the pages of my favorite magazines.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Sophisticated and Classy Fragrance for You

1.    Mature women know better than to leave things to chance. Test fragrances on your skin to see if you like how each perfume coordinates with your body.
Pure Turquoise by Ralph Lauren, for Women (Available at
2.    Even if we may experience indecisive moments when looking for a classy, mature fragrance, we can still find a perfect fit. Ask a friend or partner for advice if you are having a hard time selecting your favorite new perfume.

3.    Classy, older women have learned from years of trial and error. Try to avoid wearing scented lotion or other perfumes or fragrances when you go to try on new ones. It may be difficult to get an accurate impression of the fragrances if other scents are competing.

4.    Play a fun game online – A Perfume for Every Woman – to determine your best bets for classy and mature perfumes and fragrances. Visit for a chance to see what your perfect fragrance would be. Play the game at:

I played the game, and it had this to say about me and my ideal fragrance:

“Generous, spontaneous and original, you enjoy the outdoors, the ocean, the sun, and the delicate stroke of the breeze.

You are serene and your mood is unchanging.
You like to go back to natural settings in search for peace and harmony.
Adventure doesn’t scare you.
You are athletic and energetic.
You’re always up for new challenges.

Your perfume emanates the vitality and spontaneity in you. Sparkling and sun-drenched, citrus scents follow you with a fresh and natural character.”

We hope you found these tips and ideas helpful, and we also hope our tips give you a good start to finding the perfect classy and sophisticated fragrance!

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