Classy Fall Shoes and Fall Boots for Fabulous Fashions

Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes or boots in the fall? Just when the weather and the trees start to turn is a subtle reminder that we may want to evaluate the items in our closet and consider a bit of a fashion makeover ourselves.

Rockport Gregale Snow Boot, available at Amazon.comChoosing new shoes for the fall or new boots to wear until spring may take a little more thought than picking out new flip-flops in the summertime. You want your new fall shoes to be functional and fashionable, while your fall boots should also be able to repurpose with many different outfits and for many different occasions. Fall footwear is at its finest these days – just spend a few moments in your favorite department stores or your favorite shoe shop – or even online! – to catch a glimpse of all the fall shoes and fall boots that are at your disposal.

Tips for Selecting Fall Shoes and Fall Boots
When it comes to arming your closet with the best collection of shoes and boots that you can afford, there are a few things to consider. We will call them the “four F’s” – functionality (Will you wear them to work or school, or out to the bar, or to fancy events, or all three?), fashion (Are they so trendy that you will hate them in a few months?), fit (Are the shoes comfortable on your feet? Are they still comfy when you walk around?), and funding (Are you going to have to break the bank or give up a lot of things to pay for these shoes? Can you buy them without digging yourself into credit card debt?).

“I love a chic, peep-toe pump like our NEW Fall STELLA,” said fashion and shoe designer Elaine Turner. “Peep-toes can be dressed up or down and are season-less. They offer a classic, retro femininity that is on trend right now.

“I look for shoes with subtle ornamentation and a slightly thicker heel,” she added. “It’s easy to dress these up or down.”

First things first – a nice pair of fall boots can really spice up an outfit. Boots are, in and of themselves, a total fashion accessory. You can wear boots with a short skirt showing off miles of legs or a long and flowy skirt you might’ve worn to Literature class in college. You can rock out in a nice pair of fall boots with your favorite jeans or any number of outfits – and they do make quite the fashion statement.

Ariat Tambour clog, available at Amazon.comAriat Westlake, available at Amazon.comAs you begin to consider your choices for purchasing fall boots, remember that sometimes you need a brown shoe, or sometimes a black shoe. If you can spring for the cost of both, it may behoove you to have a nice pair of brown fall boots and a nice pair of black fall boots. If your piggy bank can only spill out enough for one pair, choose the style and color you like best – which hopefully will be the pair you’d get the most mileage out of. Oh, but let’s not forget about snow boots, either – especially if you live in a region where playing in the snow, walking around in the winter, or shoveling snow may be common winter activities.

Once you select your fall boots, then you can move on to selecting fall shoes!

Soon you will have an idea of what you can afford and what styles you like, and at that point, your decision process should become tremendously easier. As you begin to try on different shoes and boots for you fall wardrobe, don’t forget to consider the wide variety of styles and types of shoes available. Mules or clogs are excellent choices for fall footwear, while you can never go wrong with a nice pair of high-heels. Let’s not forget about flats and sporty shoes, either!

Designer Jerome C. Rousseau has his own collection of fashionable, high-end shoes, recently featured in Vogue and Bazaar. He suggests the following tips for selecting your fall footwear:

•    Rich color, often used in unexpected and dramatic combination
•    Grey
•    Ruching / gathered details
•    Geometric silhouettes
•    Reptile
•    Intricate strappy sandals
•    Peep-toe booties and boots

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